How Science Works: The Facts Visually Explained (Hardcover)

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In How Science Works you will find the most fascinating phenomena in the Universe visually explained, from pulleys to string theory, light to lasers, and chemical reactions to artificial intelligence. If you have ever wondered why the sky is blue, how a black hole works, or what happens in a tsunami, this indispensable guide is for you.

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Answering all your burning scientific questions, from what it means to be alive to why things explode, How Science Works explains science facts throughout amazing diagrams and infographics. Unlock the secrets of the universe, such as whether a robot takeover is possible, and marvel at the surprising simplicity of gravity. Dazzle your friends and family with answers to their everyday science questions such as; why do sirens change pitch as they pass by? How do planes stay in the air? Plus many more! Learn how to explain the mind-boggling concepts that eluded you at school, all the way through to more recent fascinating topics such as the discovery of the Higgs Boson- this really is science made simple.

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ISBN 9780241287279
Length (cm) 20.0000
Width (cm) 2.0000
Height (cm) 24.0000
Publisher DK Publishing
Publication Date Mar 1, 2018
Pages (number) 256
Genre Science and Nature
Author DK Publishing
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Format Hardcover
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