The Paulo Coelho Collection, Boxed Set (Paperback)

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Thirteen of international bestseller Paulo Coelho’s most beloved and influential works, available together in one sleek boxed set.

Includes thirteen books: The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, The Valkyries, Brida, Warrior of the Light, Veronika Decides to Die, Eleven Minutes, The Fifth Mountain, The Devil and Miss Prym, The Witch of Portobello, The Zahir, The Winner Stands Alone, and By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.

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Thirteen of international bestseller Paulo Coelho’s most beloved and influential works, available together in one sleek boxed set.

A beautifully designed keepsake boxed collection, The Paulo Coelho Complete Collection includes trade paperback editions of:

THE ALCHEMIST (25th Anniversary edition): The silver anniversary edition of the internationally bestselling phenomenon about a shepherd boy who learns how to live his dreams. With an inspiring introduction by the author.

THE PILGRIMAGE: The chronicle of Coelho’s journey across Spain along the San Tiago road, the legendary passageway pilgrims have traveled since the Middle Ages.

THE VALKYRIES: A powerful exploration of one man’s battle with self-doubt and fear.

BRIDA: The story of a young girl’s quest to learn a mysterious type of magic.

BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT: Examining what happens when, after eleven years, two lovers come together again, this poetic and transcendent story probes the mysteries of love and life.

THE FIFTH MOUNTAIN: Evoking all the drama and intrigue of the colorful, chaotic world of the Middle East, Paulo Coelho turns the trials of Biblical prophet Elijah into an intensely moving account of a man’s soul-shattering trial of faith.

VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE: The poignant tale of a young woman’s journey to discover her life’s meaning in the callous indifference of the modern world.

THE DEVIL AND MISS PRYM: A novel set in a small village about a young, poor barmaid whose wager with the devil leads to a spiritual transformation.

ELEVEN MINUTES: A gripping and daring novel that sensitively explores the sacred nature of sex and love and invites us to confront our own prejudices and demons

THE ZAHIR: Set in Paris and the enchanting landscapes of Central Asia, this epic novel traces the journey of a man who is obsessed with finding his wife who left him without an explanation.

THE WITCH OF PORTOBELLO: The illuminating story of an adopted woman’s spiritual and sensual awakening.

THE WINNER STANDS ALONE: An absorbing look at our culture’s obsession with fame, glamour, and celebrity.

WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT: An Inspirational companion volume to The Alchemist, featuring passages that encourage all of us to accept failure, embrace life, and rise to our own destinies.

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Publisher Harper One
Publication Date Jan 3, 2017
Pages (number) 3464
Genre Literature & Fiction
Author Paulo Coelho
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