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How do pre-orders work on Fully Booked Online?

1. What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an order placed in advance for an upcoming product or title. It is a way of guaranteeing a copy will be set aside for you. 

2. What is the price reflected on the pre-order item?

The price reflected on the pre-order item depends on the name of the product: If the name of the pre-order product says "Down Payment," then the price indicates the 50% down payment only. This means that you will need to complete your order and pay the other 50% upon arrival of the stock. In this case, there will, be two transactions.

If the name of the pre-order product says "Full Payment," then the price indicates the full price. In this case, there would be no second transaction to complete your order.

3. Can I purchase a pre-order item along with available/on-hand items? 

Yes, you may. On-hand items will be shipped first if the pre-order item is not yet available.

4. Can I pre-order via cash on delivery?

Cash on Delivery is not available for any transaction that has a pre-order item. Please create a separate transaction for pre-orders from on-hand items that will be purchased through cash on delivery.

5. How do I complete a pre-order transaction down-payment?

Once the stock of the pre-ordered item has arrived, our Customer Care team will email you a unique promo code that you should use when checking out the pre-ordered item so that your down payment is deducted from the total price of the item. Once the transaction is complete, your book will be shipped out to you. 

Follow these instructions for using the promo code:

I. When you are ready to check-out and pay, please click VIEW AND EDIT CART.

II. Input the promo code that was emailed to you so that your down payment will be deducted from the total price of the pre-ordered item.

III. Once the discount has been applied, you can now check out. 

IV. Once you click check out, the code will be considered as used. Each unique code can only be used once. Please make sure that you are choosing the right payment method when you check out because disrupting the checkout process and re-entering your code will cause the code to be invalid. 

In case of invalid code, please send an email to support@fullybookedonline.com so we can investigate the error.

6. How do I complete a pre-order full payment?

Since your pre-order is already paid in full, your order will be fulfilled once we receive the stocks of the ordered title. You will be notified once the stock is available to be sent out.

7. How long do I have to wait for my pre-order?

Due to limited airfreight operations during quarantine, books may arrive 2-3 weeks after their publication date. We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

8. A title I want to pre-order is not available as a product. How do I order it?

If you want to pre-order a title, please send us an email at orders@fullybookedonline.com 

9. Can I cancel a pre-order?

Yes, you may cancel a pre-order and we can refund your payment as a credit note (for use in physical store branches) or convert it into rewards points which you can use to purchase on our website. 

10. Can I pre-order online but pick-up my book in-store?

Only online orders should be transacted online. If you want to pre-order a book and pick it up in a branch once available, you can also pre-order through a specific branch. Each branch can give you bank account details where you can deposit or transfer the down payment if you are unable to go to a store. You can check the store contact details here: https://www.fullybookedonline.com/our-stores

11. What happens if I paid full price on a pre-order and the final price of the item when it arrives is lower than what I paid for?

In cases where the final price of a pre-ordered book is lower than the original pre-order price (likely due to foreign exchange rates), then we will credit the difference to your account as reward points you can use for payment. 

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