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Discount Cardholders get 5% off on Fully Booked Online

Register your card to get 5% off on D-coded items on Fully Booked online. For the discount to be applied, your card must be successfully registered first. 

How to register your card?

1. First, make sure you have an account at Fully Booked online. 

2. Make sure your account name is the same name written on your Fully Booked Discount card or Kidscount Card (do not include middle initial or middle name). 

3. After logging in to your account, Click on your name on the upper right side corner of the online store

4. It should then take you to your profile dashboard, Please make sure that the first and last name (no middle initials) on the card matches first and last name on your profile too. If it does you can proceed with clicking the "Discount Card" section and add your Fully Booked Discount Card (only put in the digits on the card).

register fully booked discount card


1. I can't seem to register my card?

First, make sure your account name is the same as your discount card name. Second, input only all the numbers in your card number without dashes or letters. If these don't work, it might be likely that your customer record needs to be manually updated. Please send an email to support@fullybookedonline.com 

2. Can I avail of my birthday discount online?

Birthday Discount can only be availed in store as the cardholder needs to show proof of birthday during the purchase.  

3. How do I know if the item is a D-coded?

In the product information, you will see the words "d-coded" near the price of the book. 

D-coded products 

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