Fully Booked FoundationFounded in 2012 by Chris Yam-Daez, the Fully Booked Foundation seeks to help alleviate poverty through education.

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To empower, educate, and collaborate with people, and initiate projects for the purpose of uplifting our local communities through public schools and libraries, thus reducing poverty, promoting growth, and increasing opportunities for our youth.



To educate the youth to reach their full potential through learning and developmental activities.


From providing teacher's kits and school kits, to building mini-libraries, the Fully Booked Foundation is dedicated to promoting the value of reading and education in order to enrich lives and allevaite in the long run.


The Fully Booked Foundation Timeline

August 2014

Outreach and mini-library turnover at Balara Elementary School, Quezon City

Balara Elementary School   Balara Elementary School  

Balara Elementary School


In collaboration with the Philippine Toy Library, the Fully Booked Foundation visited Porac, Pampanga to handover school supplies and play with Aeta children




September 2014

Outreach and mini-library turnover at P. Bernardo Elementary School, Quezon City

P Bernardo   P Bernardo

P Bernardo   P Bernardo


October 2014

Outreach and mini-library turnover at Lupang Pangako Elementary School, Payatas, Quezon City

 Lupang Pangako   Lupang Pangako

Lupang Pangako 



November 2014

Outreach and mini-library turnover at Sinag Tala Elementary School, Quezon City

 Sinag Tala   Sinag Tala 

Sinag Tala   Sinag Tala


December 2014

Outreach and mini-library turnover at Barangay Pasadena Kindergarten, San Juan City

Pasadena   Pasadena