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Fly Already: Stories (Hardcover)

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From a "genius" (New York Times) storyteller: a new, subversive, hilarious, heart-breaking collection.

"There is sweetheartedness and wisdom and eloquence and transcendence in his stories because these virtues exist in abundance in Etgar himself... I am very happy that Etgar and his work are in the world, making things better." --George Saunders

There's no one like Etgar Keret. His stories take place at the crossroads of the fantastical, searing, and hilarious. His characters grapple with parenthood and family, war and games, marijuana and cake, memory and love. These stories never go to the expected place, but always surprise, entertain, and move...

In "Arctic Lizard," a young boy narrates a post-apocalyptic version of the world where a youth army wages an unending war, rewarded by collecting prizes. A father tries to shield his son from the inevitable in "Fly Already." In "One Gram Short," a guy just wants to get a joint to impress a girl and ends up down a rabbit hole of chaos and heartache. And in the masterpiece "Pineapple Crush," two unlikely people connect through an evening smoke down by the beach, only to have one of them imagine a much deeper relationship.

The thread that weaves these pieces together is our inability to communicate, to see so little of the world around us and to understand each other even less. Yet somehow, in these pages, through Etgar's deep love for humanity and our hapless existence, a bright light shines through and our universal connection to each other sparks alive.

More Information
ISBN 9781594633270
Publisher Penguin Putnam Inc.
Publication Date Sep 3, 2019
Pages (number) 224
Author Etgar Keret
Signed No
Format Hardcover
Editorial Reviews

"Etgar Keret, the writer of absurd, sad, funny and very short stories, grows up.... These sardonic and very short fables are the next installment in the series of strange scenarios cooked up in Keret’s brain.... They are absurd stories your stoned friend might unfold while giggling, but the best of them land at some insight into the human condition, all economy and charm. This new collection, though, plumbs darker depths." – Gal Beckerman, The New York Times

"It’s Keret’s particular brand of brilliance that can simultaneously hold tragedy and comedy, and in such compact packages." – Financial Times

“An Israeli writer is making short stories fun again. Etgar Keret doesn’t avoid a punch line. The fiction writer and This American Life regular tackles Big Important Subjects in his work—death, family, war, etc.—but he does so in a way that’s not, well, a bummer . . . By embracing the comic and the absurd, Keret achieves something rare among modern short-story writers: He’s actually worth reading.” – Men's Journal

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