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Frequently Asked Questions

Browsing and Shopping

Do I need to register to purchase books?

No, you don’t need to register but we do recommend it for the full experience – such as personalizing your account, seeing your browsing history, and books you’ve purchased. If you don’t register, you can still continue shopping as a Guest. Registration is free and can be done anytime. 

If you're a Discount Cardholder, you need to create an account and register your Discount Card number to avail of the 5% off on D-coded items.

Read our Privacy Policy here.

I'm a Discount Cardholder, do I get any discounts?

Discount Cardholders get 5% off on D-coded items (similar to paying in credit card at our stores). You need to create an account and register your Discount Card number to avail of this benefit.

How do I browse for books?

If you know the book or item you’re looking for, you can type in the Title, Author, or ISBN at the Search Bar on the main page. You can also browse for books by Genre, or by our Fully Booked curated collections such as Bestsellers and Staff Picks.

If the product you have in mind isn’t stocked or available on the website, we recommend using “Request a Title” so we can personally check the products and items across our stores’ inventory. More on that below.

How do I add items to my Shopping Cart?

When you see items that you want to purchase, click the “Add to Cart” button. All your items will be saved in your Shopping Cart, which you can review after you’ve finished browsing. Remember to review your items before you proceed to Checkout.

What happens in Checkout?

Here, you will be prompted to fill in standard information needed for payment and delivery, including: Customer and Billing Information, Shipping/Delivery Information, and Mode of Payment. Double check if your order is correct, and then you will be directed to payment.

I can’t seem to find the book that I'm looking for. Do I use Request a Title?

If the item you’re looking for isn’t available on our website, you can click Request a Title found in the main page. Fill in the book’s details and a Fully Booked Customer Service Agent will get back to you in the email you’ve supplied. You may coordinate with them on ways you can proceed.

Payment and Processing

How do I pay? What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay via our third-party payment gateway, DragonPay, which offers various options to choose from like Over-the-Counter Bank Deposits, Over-the-Counter Non-bank. Payment through credit card is also available as well as Cash on Delivery for orders with a minimum amount of Php799.

Can I pay Cash on Delivery (COD)?

We offer Cash on Delivery option for any order of a minimum of Php799 (before shipping fee). If we believe that payment will be refused upon delivery, we reserve our right to decline to process and deliver the order.

What happens after I’ve paid? Do I get a notification?

Dragonpay will verify your payment. Once we have deemed the transaction successful, we will be sending you an email notification that your payment has been accepted and that we’re preparing your order. For Dragonpay transactions, we will only process orders after receiving successful payment transactions. Processing orders may take 2-3 days, but we will email you a shipment notification once your order has been sent out. For Cash on Delivery orders, you will receive an email notification once your order has been processed and ready to be shipped out.

Why do the prices of some items change?

Prices in our online store are subject to change without prior notice and this could be a result of a supplier price change or marketing promotions. Remember, the items in your Shopping Cart will always reflect the most current price displayed so please review them. Prices online may also be different from the prices in our brick and mortar stores, but you can always check the price from our other branches by calling them in our Store Directory.

Delivery Concerns

Where in the Philippines do you ship and what shipping provider do you use?

We ship to any location in the Philippines via multiple delivery partners including but not limited to LBC, PAYO, QuadX, Transportify, and Lalamove. The shipping fee will depend on your location and weight/size of items ordered, and will be shown upon Checkout.

When do I get free shipping?

Enjoy free shipping when you purchase at least Php799.

For ordering both on-hand items and pre-order items:

Please note that shipping fee for on-hand items and pre-order items are calculated separately. To receive free shipping for the whole transaction, both the total amount of the pre-order items and the total amount of on-hand items must be Php799 and above. If either pre-order items or on-hand items' total amount falls below Php799, the order will receive a corresponding shipping fee. 

For example:
A transaction of one (1) pre-order item amounting to Php750 and two (2) on-hand items amounting to Php1250 will still be charged shipping fee for the pre-order item since it will be delivered separately from the on-hand items. The on-hand items amounting to Php1250 will receive free shipping. 

How long does shipping take? How do I know when my order is on its way?

For Metro Manila deliveries, shipping usually takes 3-5 working days after order is completed. 

For Provincial deliveries, it may take 4-8 working days. Please do expect some delays in deliveries as airfreight operations are limited under current conditions.

Once your order has been sent out, we will send you a tracking number and link so you can monitor the status of your package.  

I received a tracking number via email, but upon checking, it doesn't appear in the courier's website. What's going on?

Don't panic. We immediately mark your order as "Shipped" once the courier picks it up, which prompts an email shipping notification to be sent.  Please allow 7-10 hours before tracking your order, as it will take time for tracking numbers to reflect on their site.

 In cases where it has been more than a day and it is still untrackable, please contact us at support@fullybookedonline.com.

The specified shipping time has passed and my order still hasn't arrived. Where is it?

You may track all orders via the tracking number sent to the email address used when you ordered. If you are unable to track it, please contact us at support@fullybookedonline.com

How does Pick-Up at Store shipping option work?

Currently, we offer the option for customers to pick-up their orders at our flagship store in Bonifacio High Street. This shipping method is free. Order will be ready for pick-up two days after the order has been made and customers will receive a message when their order is available for pick-up. 

Order Cancellations, Returns, and Exchanges

My book arrived damaged. What do I do?

If the book or item you order has any kind of damage (dents, torn cover, etc), please take photos of the book, clearly showing the damage and send us an email at support@fullybookedonline.com within 2 days of receipt of the books. We also encourage you to report us to us by calling 8-858-7000.

I was notified of an Order Cancellation after I paid for a book.

Order cancellations made by Fully Booked or its trusted partners may be due to the unavailability of the item ordered upon Checkout and Payment. Because of the numerous transactions happening, an item you have successfully ordered may be out of stock by the time payment is posted. When this happens, a Fully Booked Customer Service Agent will get back to you immediately, but you may also contact support@fullybookedonline.com.

Can I cancel my order?

For Cash on Delivery orders:

If your order has not yet been shipped out, you may request cancellation by email us at orders@fullybookedonline.com. In case that your order has already been shipped, you may reject the package and the courier will return the package to us.  Please do note that for future orders, if we believe that payment will be refused upon delivery, we reserve our right to decline to process and deliver the order.

For paid orders, we can refund through reward points that you can use on your next orders. Outright cancellation due to change of mind is not allowed. 

Can I return or exchange an item I just received?

Items can only be returned or exchange if the item received was proven to be damaged or the wrong item was shipped. Exchanging an item due to a change of mind will not be allowed. We ask that all customers review all orders in the Shopping Cart and Checkout before order confirmation and payment, but if the matter pertains to a wrongful transaction, please contact support@fullybookedonline.com and we’ll get back to you immediately.

The book that was shipped to me is the wrong book. Can I return it?

Though we make sure all orders are dispatched to their correct addresses, we cannot rule out the instances of wrongful delivery. If this happens, you may return the item and exchange it with the following guidelines: 

For online purchases: 

  1. It must be in its new and original condition including the item’s wrapping and covering.
  2. For online purchases, notice for immediate exchange is allowed within 3 days of receiving the item that was dispatched. Please email us as soon as you receive the wrong item.

Kindly email support@fullybookedonline.com as soon as you receive the wrong item. Fully Booked will shoulder the pick-up and delivery of the item from your delivery address back to our Head Office and we will review the condition of the item, pending the exchange.


Why can’t you allow return and exchange of books and products that were opened?

Due to the fragile nature of printed books, we only allow books that have not been opened and pass our quality assurance test. We hold the right to deny Return/Exchanges if the item returned does not meet our return policy requirements.



What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an order placed in advance for an upcoming product or title. It is a way of guaranteeing a copy will be set aside for you. 

What is the price reflected on the pre-order item?

The price reflected on the pre-order items are is the full price of the item. However, there are some previous pre-order products from 2020 that reflected only 50% of the price.

If the name of the pre-order product of your 2020 order says "Down Payment," then the price indicates the 50% down payment only. This means that you will need to complete your order and pay the other 50% upon arrival of the stock. In this case, there will, be two transactions.

Can I pre-order via cash on delivery?

Cash on Delivery is not available for any transaction that has a pre-order item. Please create a separate transaction for pre-orders from on-hand items that will be purchased through cash on delivery.

How do I complete a pre-order transaction down-payment?

Once the stock of the pre-ordered item has arrived, our Customer Care team will email you a unique promo code that you should use when checking out the pre-ordered item so that your down payment is deducted from the total price of the item. Once the transaction is complete, your book will be shipped out to you. 

Follow these instructions for using the promo code:

I. When you are ready to check-out and pay, please click VIEW AND EDIT CART.

II. Input the promo code that was emailed to you so that your down payment will be deducted from the total price of the pre-ordered item.

III. Once the discount has been applied, you can now check out. 

IV. Once you click check out, the code will be considered as used. Each unique code can only be used once. Please make sure that you are choosing the right payment method when you check out because disrupting the checkout process and re-entering your code will cause the code to be invalid. 

In case of invalid code, please send an email to support@fullybookedonline.com so we can investigate the error.

How do I complete a pre-order full payment?

Since your pre-order is already paid in full, your order will be fulfilled once we receive the stocks of the ordered title. You will be notified once the stock is available to be sent out.

How long do I have to wait for my pre-order?

Due to limited airfreight operations during quarantine, books may arrive 2-3 weeks after their publication date. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

A title I want to pre-order is not available as a product. How do I order it?

If you want to pre-order a title, please send us an email at orders@fullybookedonline.com 

Can I cancel a pre-order?

Yes, you may cancel a pre-order and we will refund your payment as rewards points which you can use to purchase on our website. 

Can I pre-order online but pick-up my book in-store?

This option is only available if you choose the option Pick-Up at our Bonifacio High Street flagship branch. If you want to pre-order a book and pick it up in another branch aside from our BHS branch, please pre-order through your preferred branch. Each branch can give you bank account details where you can deposit or transfer the down payment if you are unable to go to a store. You can check the store contact details here: https://www.fullybookedonline.com/our-stores

What happens if I paid full price on a pre-order and the final price of the item when it arrives is lower than what I paid for?

In cases where the final price of a pre-ordered book is lower than the original pre-order price (likely due to foreign exchange rates), then we will credit the difference to your account as reward points you can use for payment. 

Restock Orders

What is Restock Order?

Due to high demand, we run out of some titles. If the item you will be purchasing is a restock order, this means the book is not yet on hand and available. Don’t worry, we will ship it to you as soon as stock arrives!

If I order other books or items with my restock order, will I have to wait until stock arrives before my other orders are delivered?

If you order other on hand books or items together with Last Tang Standing, the other items will be delivered first. If the restock order is above Php799, you won’t have to pay additional shipping fee. However, if the restock order is below Php799, it will still be charged a shipping fee since it will be sent separately. 

How do I complete a restock order transaction?

This will be just like a regular product order: just add the item to cart and checkout! 

Can I cancel a restock order?

Yes, you may cancel a restock order. Please note that if the reason for cancelation falls under change of mind, we can refund your payment as into reward points, which you can use to purchase on our website. 

Fully Booked Online Reward Program

What are reward points at Fully Booked Online?

Reward points are credited and accumulated in your Fully Booked Online account. You can use these reward points as payment during checkout. Only registered accounts can receive reward points.  

What is the reward points conversion?

1 reward point at Fully Booked Online is equivalent to Php1.00. No need for complicated computations!

How do I receive reward points?

Through our rewards program, registered customers can get 5 reward points for every Php500 single-receipt purchase (excluding shipping fee).

Points will be given in increments of 5. For example: Php500 = 5 points, Php1000 = 10 points, Php1500 = 15 points, and so on.  

We may also credit reward points to customers on a case-to-case basis as refunds or discount for damaged items. These will be credited manually by our Customer Care Team Leads.

Is there a minimum order value for me to earn rewards?

Yes, you need to order at least Php500 (in a single transaction) to get reward points for that order.

Is there a maximum amount of reward points I can receive?

For automated crediting of reward points, the maximum single transaction amount is Php25,000. For orders higher than that amount, please send an email to feedback@fullybookedonline with your order details so we can manually credit for you. 

What do I need to do to receive reward points for qualified orders? Are the points automatically credited to my account?

Reward points for qualified orders will be automatically credited to your account once your order has been shipped out (except for orders higher than Php25,000). 

You will receive an email notification every time your account gets credited with points.

When do I start receiving Reward Points?

The Reward Program was first rolled out on September 19, 2020 to December 31, 2020. It has been restarted on January 15, 2021 until December 31, 2021.

How do I know how many reward points I already have?

Log in to your account and go to My Reward Points. You will see how many reward points you have and which order number is associated to those rewards.

How can I use my reward points?

Once you’ve added products to your cart and have proceeded to checkout, you will be prompted if you want to use your reward points during payment.

Do my reward points expire?

Currently, reward points at Fully Booked Online do not expire but we do reserve the right to specify expiration in the future. In case of expiration, customers will be notified at least one month before expiration.

Are reward points convertible to cash?

Reward points are not convertible to cash.

I changed my mind! I don’t want to use my points anymore. Can I retract what I did and get my points back?

We cannot refund reward points once used, except in cases where items are returned due to damage. In cases like damaged items, please send us an email at feedback@fullybookedonline.com.

If I cancel my order, what will happen to the reward points I earned for that order?

If you cancel your order or request for a valid refund, the reward points earned will be deducted from your reward points balance.

Can I use my reward points and my discount card at the same time?

Yes, you can! As long as your discount card is registered on Fully Booked Online, your 5% discount for D-coded items will be automatically calculated upon checkout. You can find instructions on how to register your discount card here.

Can I use my reward points with other promos?

Yes, you may use your reward points to pay during sales or promos.

Can I use my reward points in-store or in Lazada/Shopee?

Reward points are only redeemable on Fully Booked Online. 

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