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Discount Card

Sign up for a Fully Booked discount card and enjoy these perks!

  • 10% off on cash purchases*
  • 5% off on credit card purchases*
  • 5% off on Fully Booked online**
  • Exclusive sales and promos
  • Perks from our partners

*Discount applies to D-coded items.   

**Discount applies to D-coded items. To be able to use the Discount Card for online purchases, please make sure the name you register on your Fully Booked Online account is the same as the one reflected on your Discount Card.

Click here for instructions on Discount Card registration.

Fully Booked Discount Card

How to get a discount card:

  • Option 1: Spend P10,000 in a single receipt.
  • Option 2: Accumulate P15,000 worth of purchases within one year.
  • Option 3: Pay P700 and enjoy your perks instantly.  

Present your Fully Booked Discount Card to enjoy your book perks! The Fully Booked Discount Card is a lifetime membership but cards will expire after two years of inactivity. To replace your card, go to any Fully Booked store.            


fully booked kidscount card for growing readers

Start ‘em young! Get a Kidscount Card and let your growing reader enjoy 12% off on children’s books.

Book Perks for Kidscount Card:

  • 12% off on cash purchases on D-coded books and items under Children’s section.
  • 10% off on cash purchases and 5% off on credit card purchases of all other D-coded books from other sections.
  • 5% off on credit card purchases of D-coded items
  • Access to exclusive sales, offers, and events  


How to get a Fully Booked Kidscount card: 

  • Option 1: Spend P5,000 worth of children’s books in a single receipt 
  • Option 2: Accumulate P10,000 worth of purchases within one year
  • Option 3: Pay P500 and enjoy your perks instantly

*Discount applies to D-coded items.  

*The Kidscount Card is for kids 0-16. Upon turning 17 years old, Cardholders can exchange their Kidscount Card for a regular Fully Booked Discount Card.      


discount card birthday treat

Birthday Discount for Cardholders    

Treat yourself to a great read on your birthday week and we’ll throw in a plot twist you’ll love: 20% off!


  • Birthday discount can be availed within the period of three (3) days before and three (3) days after the cardholder’s birthday. 
  • Please present a valid ID that states the cardholder’s birth date. Enjoy 20% discount on cash transactions and 15% discount on credit card transactions. 
  • Discount applies to D-coded items. Local and consigned items are not included. 
  • Birthday Discount may not be used in conjunction with other promos and sales.

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