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DQCO Anti-Pollution Face Mask Black Cheetah

Quick Overview


 Nose Pads (x 2) - Select the pad that best fits your face to block air leaks and provide maximum comfort. Prevents glasses fogging up.

 Easily Replaceable Filters (x 2) - Provides additional filtering and protection. Dispose and replace as often as needed. Mask fits standard-sized filters.

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These Face Masks provide respiratory protection against harmful airborne irritants and pollutants that can lead to serious health issues. Perfect for travelling to or living in areas with high pollution levels, for allergy sufferers, or for anyone wanting to breathe clean air.


  • Multi-Layered Defence - multiple layering provides superior filtering of pollutants and other airborne irritants including fumes, haze, dust, allergens, germs and fine particles.
  • Quality Rating - with a PM 2.5 rating these masks are proven to filter fine particles associated with pollution.
  • Anti-Bacterial Protection - this additional protective layer prevents the growth of bacteria and naturally deodorises the interior of the mask.
  • Controlled Air Flow - the valve efficiently expels stale air from within the mask reducing heat and moisture build-up and preventing growth of bacteria. Allows for easy breathing.
  • Warm and Durable - protects the face from the elements and provides extra warmth in cold conditions.
  • Snug Comfortable Fit - the contoured frame, adjustable ear straps and nose pads ensure a comfortable fit and maximize the effectiveness of the mask.
  • Washable and Reusable - easy to wash with easily replaceable filters (available in pharmacy or health stores) mean the mask can be used again and again


  1. Open and unfold the Mask
  2. Attach the appropriate nose pad and insert the filter
  3. Adjust the length of ear straps
  4. Place straps over each ear and tighten for best fit
  5. Pinch nose bridge to seal and improve comfort


 Remove the filter and nose pad before cleaning. Hand wash only using cold water and a mild detergent. Lay flat to dry in a cool place. Do not scrub excessively or leave to soak. Do not machine wash.


 Not recommended to wear whilst sleeping. Recommend careful use for anyone suffering with respiratory disease, pregnant women or children.

More Information
ISBN 9743275000023
Author Tancom
Length (cm) 15.0000
Width (cm) 2.0000
Height (cm) 22.0000
Size Adjustable ear staps
Brand Tancom
Material Cloth
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