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Discover the world of translated lit from the translators of I Decided to Live as Me
Fully Booked set to host first PH online event with best-selling author John Green
Sugar and Spite author Gail Villanueva hopes to inspire, empower readers through storytelling
Fully Booked Chats: Michelle Sterling & Aaron Asis share their journey in creating When Lola Visits
#PrideMonth: David Levithan on inclusivity, writing about queerness, LGBTQIA+ representation in books
Fully Booked Chats: Gail Villanueva
An Imaginative Exploration: Gina Apostol on historical fiction, creative processes, oppression and revolution
Fully Booked Chats: David Levithan
Fully Booked Chats: Jennifer Niven
Fully Booked Chats: Kat Cho

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