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What's on your to-be-read list?

What's on your to-be-read list?

We asked our resident bookworms at Fully Booked and on Bookworm Corner which reads they're most excited about this year! Check out their picks below.

Nicole, Fully Booked

Nicole's To-Be-Read Pile 

My TBR pile is a mix of my little pockets of happiness. I collect Alice in Wonderland editions and get particularly excited for illustrated ones, so I’m excited for this one. I’ve delayed reading Sandman: Overture for so long (and instead, keep choosing to reread the 10 volumes) and I hope I can finally get around to reading it. On the sci-fi front, I am re-watching Game of Thrones, so perhaps I’ll finally be motivated to remove the plastic cover of Fire & Blood and dig in to the history. In my attempt at self-care, for my spiritual well-being, I hope to start Irreligion and Being Peace. I’m looking forward to reading the latter the most as I’m more than eager for some perspective on having mindful and peace-filled life—I think we all do. And Fitzgerald, just because.

Argon, Bookworm Corner

Argon's To-Be-Read Pile 

King’s run on Batman is intriguing. I’m only halfway the 5 vol. set so I haven’t given a final verdict yet but so far so good. I'm obviously on a Batman overload this month with a dash of Superman to lighten up the mood a little.

Lhezca, Fully Booked

Lhezca's To-Be-Read Pile 

The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue. I have always been drawn to the concept of immortality, I mean, who doesn’t want to live forever? And I am a sucker for heart-wrenching stories, what could be sadder than watching everyone you love die while you go on living? I am so looking forward to spending my nights crying over this book!

Loving the Wind. I am always in search of Peter Pan and Tiger Lily retellings, and sadly, there are only a few stories about them. So when I stumbled upon Loving the Wind, I already know that this story will hold a special place in my heart. I can't wait to revisit Neverland and see how Crissi Langwell spun the untold story of our favorite lost boy and the fierce tribe princess. 

The House That Lou Built. I always read children's books whenever I finish a story that is just too heavy for my heart. I find it therapeutic to be able to view life from a child's perspective. It gives me that warm feeling inside that I had long forgotten. I chose this children's book because mainly, the story features a Filipino family!

Till We Have Faces. Cupid and Psyche's story is one of my favorites in Greek mythology. Beautiful, selfish, tragic, and tumultuous, their story deserves to be told in a different light. When I found out about this retelling, I know without a single hesitation that I have to read it.  

Clifford, First Look Club

Clifford's To-Be-Read Pile 

I usually cycle three books at a time just to keep things interesting. I’ve already started on Batman by Grant Morrison omnibus vol. 3, Wolverine omnibus vol. 1, and The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, shown here bookmarked and without jackets. I’m looking into resuming my Hellblazer read-through with vol. 5 (current volume is 23), the entire Sleeper run (still no bueno on the omnibus), and a gorgeous hardcover reprint of Frankenstein, illustrated by Bernie Wrightson.

Ilia, Fully Booked

Ilia's To-Be-Read Pile 

My to-be-read pile is a mix of books I didn’t have the heart or energy to finish last year, a re-read of a literary giant’s most beloved book, and new pages of media criticism, poetry, and science fiction.

I am most excited by the prospect of rereading One Hundred Years of Solitude. It’s been more than a decade since I last read it, and, while I remember the joyous experience of reading it, I don’t actually really recall much of the actual content. It will be like reading it again for the first time—with bouts of déjà vu. Also looking forward to I Like to Watch, to revisit some of my favorite television shows through the eyes of someone who loves reading and dissecting audio-visual texts, too.

Liezl, Fully Booked

Liezl's To-Be-Read Pile 

I like to read self-help books this year to improve my Intrapersonal skills. Plus a Filipino mystery book on my list, to challenge my mind in guessing what is the truth.

I’m most excited about finishing Man’s Search for Meaning, because I am interested in how people could cope up, despite of their sufferings. As well as changing your negative perspective into an optimistic, but realistic way.

Joe, Fully Booked

Joe's To-Be-Read Pile 

Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory. I am most excited about this book, maybe because I feel that poignant “pang” whenever I read the title. I have this gut feeling that this book would be bittersweet, and therapeutic for people who are recently heartbroken (*ehem* me *ehem*). And it’s been a while since I was able to read something like this.

A Deadly Education. This is highly recommended actually by many of my friends, and I was curious about the fuss. So I’m gonna give it a try, and I hope it would be at par with my expectations of Hogwarts since I already forgot who wrote Harry Potter series *side eye*

Trust Exercise. Believe it or not, I bought this book because of my celebrity crush, Justin H. Min, of the Umbrella Academy. He recommended it in one of his IG stories, and he said great things about this book with his overwhelmingly cute voice. (Kind of a simp move) but this book is also an award-winning book, so who knows I might enjoy it as well!

The Chronicles of Narnia. I have been dreaming of buying this book ever since I got my first paycheck and two years after, it feels like a dream come true having this book in my arms. I have watched the films, and I think I owe it to C.S. Lewis to read his masterfully written creation.


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