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What are book pre-orders and why do they matter?

What are book pre-orders and why do they matter?

As a reader, have you ever wondered why your favorite authors and book stores always share pre-order links to upcoming book releases? You may think it’s just  a small thing, but it can make the biggest difference.

We had the chance to hear from HarperCollins Sales Manager for Southeast Asia Stacey Lai, Penguin Random House (PRH) Associate Sales Director for Southeast Asia Jennifer Javier, and PRH Sales Manager Honey de Peralta on the importance of pre-ordering books.

Here are some points to convince you to pre-order your next great read.


Pre-orders generate awareness for the book and the author (especially for debut orders)

Simply put, pre-orders are books ordered weeks, sometimes months, before the publication date of the book. It’s a phase in the publishing journey where the reading public is given the opportunity to get to know the author and their work prior to release date.

“Pre-ordering is sort of the equivalent of sending an advance party—you’re hopefully building anticipation and excitement  while laying groundwork for an impactful entrance,” Javier said.

Pre-orders help publishers know the demand for the book

Since the pre-order phase helps to create early interest for the book, it also helps publishers—as well as booksellers like Fully Booked—gauge initial reaction and allows room for recalibration, if needed.

“From a purely publishing operations perspective, pre-orders give us a better idea of how many books need to be printed, and how many to put into stores. If there’s a lot of pre-order excitement around books we know we may need to start reprinting, so we’re never out of stock—and stores use them too, for basically the same reason,” mentioned Lai.

She also added that it’s rewarding to see a book start gaining momentum. “We learn about these books a year in advance, and finally seeing how readers react to these books is so cool.”

Pre-orders allow readers to support an author in a tangible way

After going through the rigorous process of writing and getting the book published, authors enter the next phase of seeing how the readers will respond to their book. Ultimately, pre-ordering a title is like an unmatched love language: one that gives your favorite authors a sort of affirmation even before the book goes public.

“Pre-ordering allows readers to express their support and love for the book early, and to share this support to fellow readers,” de Peralta shared.

Pre-orders give readers an opportunity to be an early adopter

One of the many beautiful things about reading is that we can never really run out of fresh stories and new authors to encounter through the pages.…The possibilities are just endless! In a special way, pre-ordering a book can also help elevate your reading experience.

“While it’s ok to discover a book at any time, pre-ordering a book allows a reader to establish an earlier relationship with the author, of sorts. There’s the romance of discovery, of being a pioneer, along with the very real impact of telling an author that you believe their book has worth,” added de Peralta. 

Now… What’s in it for the practical reader?

If you’ve gotten this far, the question in your mind (as a reader), would most likely be: so, how do I benefit from pre-ordering books? While book pre-orders have a direct impact on authors and publishers, it has perks for avid readers like you.

1. Enjoy discounts. Oftentimes, books that are available for pre-order are eligible for special offers. You may pre-order your next great read at Fully Booked Online and enjoy discounts for some of the titles. Get to enjoy free shipping with a minimum order of P799.

2. Get incentives. Some authors may include incentives for pre-ordering such as bonus content, signed copies, or freebies. 

3. Less hassle. You won’t have to worry about missing out on the book once it’s out because you’ve already pre-ordered one for yourself.

4. Printing perks. Most likely, you can get first printing/first edition books when you pre-order (depending on the book/author). This can be great for book collectors!

5. Guarantee your copy. Pre-ordering a book means that you secure a copy and you don't have to worry about availability when the title finally hits the shelves.  

While we’re used to getting things in an instant these days, there are still things worth waiting for. Check out the exciting titles from various genres you can pre-order on Fully Booked Online

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