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Well-Read Women: Jowana Bueser

Well-Read Women: Jowana Bueser

Next on the Well-Read Women series is First Look Club reviewer, Jowana Bueser! Jowana has been a social media manager for more than a decade and a struggling feminist for most of her life. She reads books, watches films, and writes about books and films in her spare time. Her attempts at reading one hundred books and watching five hundred films in one year have been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, she is persisting. She is a regular contributor at Check-In and UnreelPH.

Why she thinks it's important to read women

"Women’s literature is a ridiculous phrase because it implies the existence of men’s literature — and there is nothing of that sort. It is a form of othering (i.e. the other sex), an effective weapon of the patriarchal power structure to limit the reach and influence of women. We need to read these books because women can write all kinds of stories in different genres for all ages. And most of the time, women do it better."

Check out her recommended reads!

Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie

Appointment with Death is considered one of the lesser stories of the unchallenged Queen of Crime. But a lesser Christie is still an engaging read and proof of her enduring brilliance. I started reading her in high school, and her books have been a constant source of comfort. To read her prolific output is to witness a writer at the peak of her powers and retreat to retirement.


Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud by Anne Helen Petersen

Like the best cultural writers, Anne Helen Petersen is brilliant, critical, and an insightful opinionmaker. Add one more for Petersen: a feminist. In Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud, she praises women who have been pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable feminine behavior. It is a must-read for feminists like me.  


Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami

No one does off-beat fiction better than Japanese writers. Hiromi Kawakami does it better than most because her prose infuses the ordinariness of life with the right amount of magical realism. She makes the aggressiveness of the mundane interesting. Sometimes, these are the stories I need to read to keep me going in life.


Blowout by Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow is the smartest person in the news business — a fact, not an exaggeration. She explains complicated issues like no other because if she cannot explain them, no one can. I am a political junkie and a long-time admirer of her trademark humor and knack for connecting intricate dots. Blowout, a book about the corrupt and destructive relationship of Russia and Big Oil, is her boldest and most entertaining to date.


The Little Book of Feminist Saints by Julia Pierpont

Remember those portable books of saints that are a staple of Catholic households? These books contain stories meant to inspire readers. The Little Book of Feminist Saints is similar except, instead of saints, it features feminist icons from different fields and eras. We all need inspiration from the trailblazers before us because we all stand on the shoulders of these incredible women.

You can find Jowana on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads @jowanabueser. You can also follow her bookstagram @shelfgratification.

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