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Things you (probably) didn’t know about best-selling author John Green

Things you (probably) didn’t know about best-selling author John Green

One of the most loved YA authors is back with another book, but it isn’t anything readers have seen before. The Anthropocene Reviewed is John Green’s first non-fiction novel and it’s about the current geological age.

In this book, the best-selling author Green reviews different facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale. Funny, complex, and rich with detail, The Anthropocene Reviewed is an open-hearted exploration of the paths we forge and an unironic celebration of falling in love with the world.

Here are some facts about The Anthropocene Reviewed and Green himself that you (most probably) haven’t heard of before.

1. Before becoming an author, he worked as a book reviewer

In early 2000, Green moved to Chicago and worked as a typist temp then eventually landed a job doing data entry for Booklist magazine, a biweekly book review journal. A few months later, he got the first chance to review a book. Eventually, he became a publishing assistant and production editor. Over the next five years, Green would review hundreds of books for Booklist (without including ratings on a 5-star scale).

2. He has a Youtube channel with his brother, Hank

Even when vlogging wasn’t a thing yet, the Green brothers, John and Hank, were already making videos on Youtube. They started Vlogbrothers on January 2, 2007 to: “raise nerdy to the power of awesome.” Currently, they have 3.38 million subscribers and more than 800 million views.

3. Upon leaving college he intended to become an Episopal priest

After graduation, Green spent five months working as a student chaplain at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. He had plans of becoming an Episcopal priest, but his experiences of working with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses inspired him to become an author, and later write The Fault in Our Stars.

4. The Anthropocene Reviewed was first a podcast that became his first-ever non-fiction book

The first episode of the podcast, which debuted in January 2018, featured Green reviewing different facets of the Anthropocene on a five-star scale. The episodes typically contain reviewing two random topics and everyday stories  and how these have impacted his life.

5. He has signed his name over 500,000 times in 10 years

In one of the chapters of The Anthropocene Reviewed, Green revealed that he began the effort in 2011 when he decided to sign the entire first printing of his fourth novel, The Fault in Our Stars. Just recently, Green signed 150,000 copies of The Anthropocene Reviewed. He even has a video on it on his Youtube channel.

Bonus: here are some things John Green reviews in The Anthropocene Reviewed—but you actually have to read it to find out how he rates them:

  • Googling Strangers

  • The Internet

  • Sunsets

  • The Indianapolis 500

  • Plague

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