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Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Celebrate Tell A Fairytale Day with us, and watch Make-Believe Productions take you on a journey to a magical land of a girl as big as a thumb. 

Wear your flower crowns and grab your swords since today is Tell A Fairytale day! Fairytales are stories full of magic, adventures, and love that usually ends in Happily Ever After.

In celebration of this wonderful day, we are re-sharing with you a storytelling video by our friends from Make-Believe Productions. The video was made for last year's birthday of one of the most popular Fairytale authors, Hans Christian Andersen. He has written fairytales like The Little Mermaid, The Little Matchgirl, and The Snow Queen which later became the inspiration of the movie, Frozen.

So, journey with us with one of his most imaginative fairytales, as the story takes you on an adventure with a girl that is big as your thumb.

And if that Fairytale isn’t enough for you, here are some available Fairytale books you could read, or read with your friends and family: Children's Fairytale Collection

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