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Staff Picks: Favorite Classics

Staff Picks: Favorite Classics

Literary classics have inspired readers through its imaginative prose, use of evolving language, and expression of beauty in the form of literary art. 

If you are looking for fresh (and even old) books to include in your own reading lists, you might get some ideas from the Fully Booked team. Check out this month's Staff Picks: Favorite Classics.

Sam, Marketing

The Little Prince is a timeless tale about youth, imagination, and the complexities of adult life. Friendship, love, technological advancement, consumption, and the demise of contemporary civilization are all addressed in this book, and I think these elements make it more timely than ever before. Although this book is brief, comprehensive, and fun (in our mind), it contains really serious themes that people can easily relate to. Despite its status as a children's book, The Little Prince is a book that appeals to people of all ages and ideas.

Myks, E-Commerce

Five stories in one book? Count me in! Five Women Who Loved Love First captured my heart with its beautifully-made cover. Ihara Saikaku's storytelling felt like I was back in the 17th century when he gave a brief history about the region; that can also help the reader better understand the stories. It was really exciting to follow the stories of the women featured in this book.

Karla, Events

Reading classics used to be a dread to me when I was younger, thinking about the low relevance and relatability level on my end given that they were set in the old times. But growing up, I've realized that it was a wrong mindset as reading classics leads us to better understanding of the past that may help us navigate the present and the future. Decades after Animal Farm by George Orwell was published, the story of the set of animals that staged a revolution against their human farmer in the hopes of creating a society where they can be free still remains to be relevant up to this day. And while the revolution lead by two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, was a success initially, the movement got betrayed due to Napoleon's lust for power which eventually lead to his dictatorship. I encourage the kids to read this book and for adults to reread as Animal Farm gives us a glimpse (and makes us reflect) on how the society and political system works, and how we play our roles in this system.

Ilia, Marketing

I had always wanted to read this classic and constantly told myself I would get around to it, but somehow never diduntil some book buddies and I committed to reading it together. It is rather eerie reading it now because there are quite a few similarities in our present post-truth world to the 1984 dystopic universe that Orwell seems to be warning us about. There are no happy endings here, only cautionary tales.

Arielle, Events

Classics have a bad rep of being long, boring, or stuffy. The Handmaid's Tale disproves these stereotypes. It is a feminist dystopian novel that is preoccupied with questions on authoritarianism, religion, fertility, and the female body. It has captured our imagination decades after its publication (there's a TV adaptation + Kylie Jenner threw a Handmaid-themed bday party lol), and serves as a frequently-referenced cautionary tale. This book is powerful and provocative; seething quietly with rage.

Alec, Digital Marketing

Dracula by Brahm Stoker played a big part in my love for books. Growing up, I've always had the notion that lengthy meant boring but Dracula sucked me (pun intended) right into reading. It was scary and thrilling and everything I thought a book would never be. This book led me to read more stories and opened a whole new literary world for me.

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