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Staff Picks: Books We’re Currently Reading in September

Staff Picks: Books We’re Currently Reading in September

It’s the Ber-months! As we make our way towards the festive Christmas season, let’s do a quick check in: how are your reading goals? We have prompts to help and guide you through completing your goal this year. Join the Fully Booked Read More 2022 Challenge and share your reading journey with fellow bookworms by posting your current read with the #FullyBookedReadMore2022 on socials.

If you are looking for fresh (and even old) books to include in your own reading lists, you might get some ideas from the Fully Booked team. Check out this month's Staff Picks: Books We’re Currently Reading in September.

Cez, Affiliates & Partnerships

Where are my romantic-comedy enthusiasts at? Nora Goes Off Script revolves around Nora who is a romance writer for The Romance Channel (basically like Hallmark) who wrote a screenplay about her life, which is completely different from her usual romance plots since it’s about the collapse of her marriage (is it really a collapse though if her husband’s meh?). What she did not expect was for it to be picked up by a major studio and turned into a film. Not only that, but they also chose to film it in her 100-year-old house, PLUS, the actor who will be playing her husband is the former Sexiest Man Alive, Leo Vance! 

Of course, as all rom-coms do, Nora and Leo will have that should we or should we not be together moments (boy, they are quite stubborn), but don’t worry, because this is one well-written charming romance novel that will leave your heart full and smiling like a fool. 10/10 highly recommend it!

Joe, Events

September 22 is Hobbit Day aka the birthday of Frodo! September 2 was the release of Rings of Power. So I think September is one of the best months to pick up Lord of the Rings

In terms of World Building, and Fantasy books, LOTR has always been the benchmark and for a fantasy reader. I think this is one of those books that you must read at least in this lifetime!

Jo, Marketing

Recently, in an effort to try classics again, I came across John Steinbeck. Although I started East of Eden as an audiobook, I felt that its words should be read and savored (and annotated)—there are so many great quotes! I love how the book gives you a decades-long journey without the slow-burn pacing. It follows many characters from multiple generations but as their stories weave together, you'll see why they say that this book is so well-written.

Addie, Creatives

The Miracles of the Namiya General Store is an easy wholesome read that got me out of the months-long reading slump. It's a story with many arcs of those seeking guidance, and getting insights through time periods yet it all ties up in the end; advice you wouldn't expect that could change life overnight. It's a fun, easy, slow, and satisfying read to ease off a slump.

Aira, Digital Marketing

At first glance, Skip and Loafer don’t seem to be any different from the other rom-com mangas out there, with its high school setting and awkward-girl-meets-popular-guy trope. But the series’ offbeat cast of characters led by an ambitious and wide-eyed countryside girl makes for an earnest tale of youth, and all of its awkward, hilarious, and daunting facets. Its deceptively simple art style greatly enhances the story’s slice of life atmosphere, and the mangaka’s impeccable comedic timing offers just the right amount of laughs in between those heartfelt moments. It has become my go-to comfort read for the past month, and if you’re looking for something similar, I highly suggest you give Skip and Loafer a try.

Karla, Events

I'm only four essays in and I don't think I have read anything close to Elaine Castillo's words- sharp, stimulating, and too true. A thought-provoking read, How to Read Now invites readers to take a deep dive into stories, media, and ideas we consume. I am unable to finish this book in one sitting because I know that I need more time to digest her essays, and I find it overwhelming (I love it!) to be able to have access to Elaine's brilliant insights.  

Ilia, Marketing

Charles Yu's debut novel, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe blew me away so it was a no-brainer for me to pick up his sophomore novel, Interior Chinatown. 

Utilizing the screenplay format to tell the story is a brilliant writing strategy—it immediately places the reader within the context of media representation media and is able to deconstruct familiar stereotypes such as Kung Fu Guy and Young Beautiful Oriental Woman. The novel remains altogether personal even as it scrutinizes themes of race, immigration, and cultural assimilation. Charles Yu has definitely become an auto-read author for me.

Alexx, Creatives

I'm only a few chapters in, but I can already attest to the fact that the pages of Bliss Montage are as equally beautiful as its vibrant cover. The short stories resemble the unconventional combination of unhinged and powerful—Ling Ma does it again: leaving readers with interesting musings to ponder on page after another.

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