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Shelf Tours: Reina

Shelf Tours: Reina


Our books are the heart of our very nerdy home! This floor-to-ceiling shelf in our living room is their place of honour. Can you zoom in and see if we own some of your favourite titles?

My personal favourite genres are history and historical fiction. I have a whole shelf (filled all the way to the back) dedicated to Tudor and Plantagenet England.

Speaking of collections, also on prominent display is my complete collection of the 56 original Nancy Drew hardcovers! (It took me six years to complete, starting with The Clue of the Broken Locket!)

We live in a small flat, so when we moved in, we had to be very deliberate about planning for storage. 

This white wall is all hidden shelving for my encyclopediae and children's books.

We play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons in this house (often with fellow FLC member Katya)! Our D&D books - and art books for inspiration - sit outside our shelves, so they’re always within easy reach during playing, prepping, or worldbuilding.

Our couch is firm, comfy, and just the right size for my short frame to stretch out on on lazy Sunday afternoons...and there’s a 100% chance that a dog or two will join me whenever I lay my head there.

Writing for me has always been about using words to affect change. In the same vein, reading is about opening ourselves to another's words and consenting to be changed - hopefully, for the braver!

That's it from Reina's shelves! You can find more shelf tours here on the blog and look forward to more soon. Share your own at Bookworm Corner at Fully Booked.

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