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Shelf Tours: Reese

Shelf Tours: Reese


I am a manic "acquirer" of books and I'm admittedly running out of space in our house. My shelves are all over—in my studio, the hallway, by the staircase, the family library, below some vases... etc.

My studio shelves pictured are themed per level, according to my fandom and several interests: Harry Potter, art & design (with some anime Funko Pops), Disney. I also have devoted spots for some of my favorite prolific authors: Lemony Snicket, Roald Dahl, PG Wodehouse.

I have quite a collection of Disney books (along with toys and pins). My family and I are huge fans of the parks and we've visited them all over the years. The books are a good way to feel connected to that whole experience.

I'm restarting David Sedaris' Theft By Finding (after finishing his Masterclass), and An Account of the Decline of the Great Auk, according to One Who Saw It by Jessie Greengrass. It's a collection of short stories with a tinge of magic realism—my ULTIMATE favorite combination.

I don't have a permanent reading spot, I just kind of read wherever I find pockets of time. I do always read with a pencil and sticky flags though. I'm restless without them.

I constantly seek the magic of words every time I open a book. There's nothing more satisfying than reading a line that hits home and changes your life a little bit.

I also like looking to books for wisdom, inspiration, and new ways to approach life. As a songwriter, I love the challenge of fitting beautiful words into their perfect melodic counterparts. It's like solving a riddle for other people to discover over and over.

That's it for Reese's shelf tour! 

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