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Shelf Tours: Nicole

Shelf Tours: Nicole


It's my home-away-from-home bookshelf as I got married and left 90% of my books at my parents' house.

It reflects my most preferred genres—sci-fi, classics, fiction, mythology, professional, and humanities.

I enjoy reading in bed before sleeping. The front of my TBR pile sits at my bedside table. It's my unwind spot, and what better way to supplement unwinding than with a good book?

I currently have the 75th anniversary edition of Mythology by Edith Hamilton at my bedside, picking random stories from it. The stunning illustrations and beautiful printing makes it all the more delightful and immersive to dive into the mythology world.

I tend to gravitate to short stories during reading slumps. My TBR list is all mythology and lore-themed or inspired. I take great comfort in them as we need a bit (a lot) of magic in these times.

What do I love most about reading? The best thing is the continuous learning and discovery when you read with introspection. You can reread a book a dozen times and take away a dozen different meanings.

That's it from Nicole's shelf! Watch out for more shelf tours coming next. Share your own at Bookworm Corner at Fully Booked.

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