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Shelf Tours: Joe

Shelf Tours: Joe


My bookshelf has many considerations when it comes to the order of books. There’s the factor of size, height, TBR/Read pile, sequels, singles, paperback/hardcover, and then the genre. What you see isn’t my full collection because I own too many books that I must borrow space on my sister’s shelf and the space above wardrobe. I’d like to believe that my bookshelf is like a Narnian wardrobe minus the wardrobe itself, that it can easily transport me to any world.

It also contains some of my precious memories, my totems, my guardians (yes, that’s what I call my stuff toys and action figures), my wands (yes, I have three), and other miscellaneous items I can display on it.

My TBR pile:

• Year One by Nora Roberts

• Ten Dead Comedians by Fred Van Lente

• The Magicians by Lev Grossman

• Let the Wind Rise by Shannon Messenger

• Sonnets and Other Love poems by Shakespeare

My current TBR pile is composed of challenges I have imposed to myself. I am challenging myself to read other kinds of fiction – Year One and Ten Dead Comedians. Also challenged myself to finish a work Shakespeare, but I want to start easy so I settled for the Sonnets and Other Love Poems (but don’t get me wrong, I think I love sonnets). Then, there’s the challenge to finish the The Magician trilogy since the TV series already ended last April 1, 2020 (and boy, I spilled so many tears). The last challenge is to settle this trilogy I have been reading since I was in college, and I have put it on hold for 2-3 years (I guess) already. Thus, Let the Wind Rise is on that list, being the last book of Sky Fall Trilogy by Shannon Messenger. 

My reading spot is—no surprise—my bed. I am in my fortress of solitude: I am accompanied by my guardians (my stuff toys and pillows), I can sleep and dream about what I am reading, or I can read till I travel to the land of Morpheus.

There’s always this joy, this peaceful reading in your own spot, as if that spot is your origin point and your anchor while you traverse other worlds. And being alone and in private makes the journey easier and more wonderful. The Witch of Portabello by Paulo Coelho is currently what my eyes and mind are sniffing through. I am only at the first part of the book, but so far, I am already baffled by the things Coelho been throwing at me.

I have always admired books that makes me think, and I love the storytelling of Coelho on this one. He is telling the story of Athena through the eyes of the people who knew her, and how they, bit by bit, colored the canvas of her character. Growing up, I have always felt this loneliness. I was an awkward person with a painful past (WOW). I have always found solace in books. I can find the best companion I could in the times of my need between the pages. Reading satisfies my constant need to explain and be explained to.

It also scratches the itch in my brain to learn something new, like an experiment in a controlled environment where I could hypothesize my reactions and the possible scenarios in my head. Even though the stories are right fiction, studying the characters' decision-making processes and how they interact with different personalities became fruitful and helped me make friends. And honestly, learning new words is a bit addicting.

That's it from Joe's magical shelf. You can find more shelf tours here on the blog and stay tuned for more. Share your own at Bookworm Corner at Fully Booked.

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