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Shelf Tours: Clifford

Shelf Tours: Clifford


My collection consists of mostly graphic fiction and Stephen King hardcovers, with a few odds and ends thrown in. Most of the books on my prose shelf are first editions, with a dedicated shelf for small trim and stacked oversized books. I also have a box of paperbacks and audiobook CDs somewhere, which I have yet to unpack.

My collection’s pièce de résistance is, of course, the graphic fiction section. I keep my sorting criteria fairly simple: they’re grouped by trim (or “height”), then by format (hardcovers first before trades), then by title.

Note the unfinished slipcases on the Criminal, Saga, and Hellboy books: one of the first things I’ll do once quarantine is over is to have graphics printed for them.

I live in a small loft-slash-home-office, so my only reading spot is my bed. It’s a tight fit with all the comic boxes on one side, but there’s a side table with a small desk lamp and enough clearance for stacking a few in-progress books.

I like to read because I like good stories. I collect books because I like the tactile experience of holding a book in one’s hand. I like hunting for out of print books.

Also, in case of some doomsday scenario where all electronics are rendered useless, I can rest easy knowing I can still read my books.

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