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Secrets to a Long and Happy Life from the Ikigai Book

Secrets to a Long and Happy Life from the Ikigai Book

Many aspire to have a long and happy life. Most people are always in pursuit of happiness and want to live life to the fullest. If there is a technique to achieve those, learn from the Japanese. After all, they always rank among the longest-living people in the world. In the Ikigai book, their secrets to a long and happy life are revealed. 

7 Secrets to a Long and Happy Life

1. Make Wabi Sabi a Way of Life

Wabi sabi is a concept rooted in Zen Buddhism. It is a way of life that values simplicity and imperfections. In this philosophy, the Japanese share that one can still find beauty in things that are incomplete or flawed. Their belief taught them that such imperfections reflect the natural world. Instead of striving for perfection, you can have a longer and happier life if you can cherish imperfections and find value in them. 

2. Practice Ichi-go Ichi-e

Like wabi sabi, there is another Japanese concept in the Ikigai book that is also believed to be one of the keys to a long and happy life. Ichi-go ichi-e when translated means 'This moment exists only now and won't come again'. It puts value on the idea of living in the moment and creates a deeper understanding and appreciation of all the things that happen in life. Through this philosophy, you’ll be reminded to find value in everyday moments and establish a mindset that will allow you to enjoy things while they last.

3. Establish Your Flow

Flow refers to a state when a person is so engrossed in an activity as if nothing else matters. When flow is established, you’ll find great enjoyment in what you do and will stick with it just for the sake of doing it. In order to achieve your flow, there are steps that matter. The first step is to choose a moderately difficult task. After that, you have to set a clear objective. Lastly, you have to concentrate on a single task at a time.

The Ikigai book shares that the human brain is not designed to perform multiple tasks at a time. Though people may feel that multi-tasking is doable, it can easily drain energy when done very frequently.

4. Do Not Adopt Fragility

Fragility makes one vulnerable while resilience allows a person to remain unshaken in spite of adversities. If you become fragile, you’ll fear setbacks. On the contrary, adopting resilience will allow you to embrace challenges, learn from them, and grow from those learnings eventually. Do not adopt fragility so you can find opportunities with every blow you receive and still be capable of focusing on your desire to live a long and happy life.

5. Stress Can Be Both Good and Bad

There are different types of stress. There is a type of stress that can kill you physically and mentally. Challenges are normal parts of life but you should know the things that stress you too much. Intense and sustained stress will harm you. In such a case, you should make adjustments to your high-stress lifestyle to protect your ikigai.

On the other hand, the Ikigai book also tells that low levels of intermediate stress has benefits. It will allow a person to face challenges and strive harder to give their best especially in doing the things they love.

6. Accept Changes

In life, the only thing constant is change. There are things that you can lose without a warning. Whether it is a person or a thing you value, you have to accept their inevitable loss. This is a fact of life that one should be open to without being pessimistic. Instead, make every moment count  with the things that matter to you. This way, you will not be enslaved by life’s pleasures but be spared from excessive pain. Then, you can still continue with life even when you have suffered a loss—because you understand that change is a part of life.

7. Know When to Relax and Slow Down

A lot of people are pressured to win in life and often compete with others and even themselves. The Ikigai book stresses the importance of knowing when it’s time to relax and slow down a bit. Remember, life is a journey and everyone has their own path. Keep in mind that everything will still be fine and you don’t have to worry too much as long as you are with the right people who support and love you.

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Ikigai (ee-key-guy) is a concept that embodies the idea of happiness in living. It shares some of the secrets that can help you lead a long and happy life. The ones mentioned above are just an overview of the insights that you’ll get from the book. There are still lots of other inspiring thoughts from the Ikigai book and it’s for you to discover. 

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