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Sale Alert! Treat Yourself With New Reads on World Literacy Day 2022

Sale Alert! Treat Yourself With New Reads on World Literacy Day 2022

Bookworms are in for an exciting treat this World Literacy Day! Every 8th of September, we celebrate International Literacy Day as proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1966 to remind people all over the world of the importance of literacy—that the ability to read and write should not be taken for granted. This celebration also aims to push more intensified efforts toward more literate communities and societies all over the world.

In support of World Literacy Day and to push further the theme “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces; Exploring Opportunities and Possibilities” this year, Fully Booked is treating loyal readers with a 15% discount on D-coded titles in all Fully Booked branches nationwide and on Fully Booked Online from September 8-9, 2022 with a minimum purchase of Php 2,000. The promo is exclusively available for Fully Booked Discount Card holders only.

Wondering what to get for World Literacy Day? Here are 5 highly-recommended titles that you can enjoy on this special day.

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

The book follows the story of a teenager named Frances, a high achiever who is convinced that her future lies in academics. She has been obsessed with a science fiction podcast, then coincidentally meets the creator of the said podcast. Radio Silence is a young adult novel about platonic friendships, figuring out your own path, and struggling with mental illness—a journey about learning to love each other and themselves.

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi, Vol. 3 by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

A wildly bestselling novel that has been translated into numerous languages, this Chinese xianxia fantasy novel series is built around the romanticized love between two men. In Vol. 3, the bloody war against the Wen Clan once led Wei Wuxian to seek power in demonic cultivation, and the dark acts he committed drove a wedge between him and Lan Wangji. Now, those old sins come back to haunt him as his reincarnated identity is revealed to the cultivation world. 

The Fellowship of the Ring: Lord of the Rings Book 1, Movie Tie-In Edition by J. R. R. Tolkien

When Frodo learns that the ring corrupts its owner and has the power to control the entire world, he sets forth to travel deep into the Dark Lord’s realm and save their world from consummate evil—bring the ring to the one place it can be destroyed: Mount Doom. An unforgettable saga featuring hobbits, elves, dwarfs, and men, The Fellowship of the Ring is a must-read modern classic.

Hell of a Book by Jason Mott

An African-American author sets out on a cross-country book tour to promote his bestselling novel in Hell of a Book but something larger and urgent has unfolded that makes this award-winning book powerful and electrifying—a novel about the love of parents and children, art and money, and what it can mean to be black in America.

Complete Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han

Since her birth, Belly has always gone to the town of Cousins every single summer. Here, she has everything she needs: swimming, the beach, and the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. She has always been in love with Conrad and finally, one summer, it seems like he might have feelings for her too. But it turns out, so does Jeremiah. Now, she has to make a tough decision and break one of the brothers’ hearts.

More books are up for grabs for World Literacy Day on Fully Booked Online. Enjoy free shipping for a minimum of Php 799 only.

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