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Review Round-Up: Fully Booked Reading Allies Recommend LGBTQIA+, Queer Titles

Review Round-Up: Fully Booked Reading Allies Recommend LGBTQIA+, Queer Titles

A review is important to both authors and readers as it is a critical evaluation of a text, event, object, phenomenon, or, in our case, a book. Reviews give titles more visibility and a greater chance of getting discovered by more readers.

Read the Fully Booked Reading Allies’ recommended books LGBTQIA+ and queer titles.

Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

Review by Moirra Garcia (@miniaturereader)

C.S. Pacat is my favorite (genderqueer) author of all time and their writing changed my whole reading experience and preferences. “Captive Prince” is a highly intriguing genre bending series that commands attention from start to finish playing around with ambiguity and uncertainty with its meticulously written high tension political climate combined with the most perfectly woven enemies to comrades to friends to lovers relationship between the protagonists. It challenges the mind, and human morals and empathy.

The best of the best series I could ever ask for.

The Secret Life of Albert Einstwistle by Matt Cain

Review by @booksandlommie

I received an e-ARC last February 2022. The MC stole my heart. He was such an adorable book character that made me want to jump in the book to hug him. His journey to find his long lost love was truly emotional, funny and life-changing. For Albert in this story, he had definitely discovered that love can be wrapped in many different ways. Actually, the book characters are quirky. They are all likable and adorable.

Malice by Heather Walter

Review by Erica Tabunda (@ikayhateaccount_)

It's a sleeping beauty retelling where Aurora falls in love with the evil witch WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!!

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Review by @_withlovelight

Carry On is a story that's overflowing with fun and adventure. It's a real page-turner with thrilling and diverse characters. 

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

Review by Nads (@readsby.nads)

I savored the brutality of violence, the desperation for love and connection, the warmth of confessions, and the complications of finding one’s self in this book. I’m in awe of Vuong's ability to write in such a raw and uncut manner. I don’t know and might never know what it feels like to be an immigrant but this novel captured the heartbreaking realities.

The gorgeousness of this prose is not brief. I will carry the weight of this book with me; it’s stuck because it struck. Ocean’s writing and the story of Little Dog demand to be felt, it demands to be read. To say that this book is beautiful is an understatement and you won’t truly know the beauty of it until you read it. The novel will ask so much of you but will leave you with every bit of emotion possible. And I especially like how Little Dog describes writing; as a way to preserve. A way to preserve the memory and the state of feeling in which it left you. 

Review by @fictionbyhim

I have a dedicated post about how I love this book on my Instagram. But there are two reasons why I love this book: sadness comforts me and it's such an immaculate reading experience.

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Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

Review by Bryan (@bryanhoardsbooks)

Two Boys Kissing is hands-down one of my most favorite books from David Levithan. Aside from it being fairly short, the book is very unique in the sense that the two main characters are just a single thread that’s being woven along with some other stories. It’s also narrated by a generation of gay men who died from AIDS, which I must say is very strange and beautiful! It’s gripping, heart-wrenching, and honest. If there's one thing that Two Boys Kissing taught me, it's making me realize that we always have a choice and we can always make magic happen if only we allow ourselves to do so!

Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune

Review by Sandra (@readsandramble)

I’ll always recommend this book to Everyone! I love how this book about grief takes us to a magical world and teaches us lessons that we need as we navigate the real world. The connection that Wallace and Hugo have was different than in any other queer books that I’ve read—how they care for each other, how they slowly showed their vulnerable sides to one another, and how love grew between them. This book will make you laugh, cry, and realize how wonderful life is, and how we should be thankful for every moment, and every person in our lives because time is fleeting, and we’ll never know when we’ll last see them.

Loveless by Alice Oseman

Review by Klai (@mypatrochilles)

Even though the title suggests otherwise, this book filled my heart with so much love. Loveless by Alice Oseman is such a refreshing read due to its incredible characters and representation. Through this book, I have finally met a protagonist who is a member of the aro-ace community, and it makes me so happy to learn that this book has made other people feel seen in the same way Alice Oseman's other works have made me feel. It’s amazing how this book changed the way I approach relationships in life. We might have been highly pressured by those around us to seek romantic relationships as if it were the only way to find love and happiness, but this book ended my obsession with finding my own love story and instead made me focus on the things that already make me feel loved, like friendship.

"Give your friendships the magic you would give a romance. Because they're just as important. Actually, for us, they're way more important." ― Alice Oseman, Loveless

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan 

Review by Kriz (@bookishandbooks)

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan is a story that centers on pure and unfiltered yearning; of defying fate and expectations while creating your own destiny; a masterpiece that deserves all the acclaim. 

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Review by Kat (@kats.diary)

It is such a pure and emotional read. With the recent tv show adaptation, I think it would be a great starting point for many to start reading queer books!

Swimming in the Dark by Tomasz Jedrowski

Review by Jonathan (@wanderwithjon)

It perfectly encapsulated the darkness of societal restrictions; how it affects us as a human who wants freedom. It also beautifully rendered youth love and the melancholy of separation and sacrifice.

I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

Review by @grimreaderx 

I love this story because it has a balanced amount of family drama, coming of age, and romance. Because coming out is never easy, but that doesn't mean coming out will always be hard

The One True Me and You by Remi K. England

Review by Alexx (@obscure.pages)

The One True Me and You is heartwarming. It perfectly captures what it means to be in fandom, the beauty of community, and exploring and owning your queer identity. I found comfort within these pages, and I found myself within these pages. This was just so simple, and yet so beautiful and profound. And I know it’s a book that will bring so much comfort and warmth to others, especially those who are part of fandoms.

Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

Review by Glenn Diaz (@kasukalan)

Baldwin’s 1956 novel about the doomed affair between an American man and a young Italian bartender feels every bit as sad and transgressive as the first time I read it many years ago. The idea of carving out a space of reprieve and tenderness in a hostile world strikes me as an eloquent aspect of queer experience—even if that space is no more than a tiny, squalid room on the outskirts of Paris

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

Review by Renzanne (@renzannereads)

It's a very heartwarming read. I literally hugged the book for 10 minutes because of how beautiful the story is. This is the kind of story that will make you wonder where the author drew his inspiration from.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Review by Cath @(meowreadsss)

This novel is one of my all-time favorites and the reason why I continued on with reading classics! Dorian Gray triumphs in depicting the dangers of one's obsession with beauty and youth, and I just love going into this journey with the main character as he descends to moral insanity. Dorian Gray makes you stop and reflect - do you hate the characters because you disagree with their actions or because you see a part of yourself in them? It is a very quick read and I would never stop recommending this book to anyone. You're up for a Wilde ride.

In a letter to a friend, Oscar Wilde writes:

"Basil Hallward is what I think I am. Lord Henry, what the world thinks of me. Dorian what I would like to be — in other ages, perhaps" — referencing the three main characters of the novel. With everything that had happened in Oscar Wilde's life, this statement was sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy and I really have nothing else to say other than to just read the book and submit myself into the rabbit hole of articles about Wilde after.

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