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Review Round-Up: Book Reviews from Reading Allies, Bookworms to Help You Discover Your Next Great Read

Review Round-Up: Book Reviews from Reading Allies, Bookworms to Help You Discover Your Next Great Read

With hundreds and thousands of titles available in the market, one of the toughest decisions a bookworm makes is choosing the next book to read. When you feel like exploring a new genre or a title piquing your interest because it’s currently trending on BookTok, this question usually pops up out of the blue, “Is it worth reading?”

A review is important to both authors and readers as it is a critical evaluation of a text, event, object, phenomenon, or, in our case, a book. Reviews give titles more visibility and a greater chance of getting discovered by more readers.

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A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Review by Katrina Rose, Fully Booked Online

“Kudos to the author for a well written novel! But beware: this book has many trigger warnings. When you read this book, be sure that the next one you will read is light, fun, and full of life.”

My Mechanical Romance by Alexene Farol Follmuth

Review by @cozykloe, Fully Booked Reading Ally

“This story is also a slow burn romance but WAIT, hear me out for peeps who don’t prefer this type of trope, it is enjoyable and fun to read!! You wouldn’t bore out, it almost feels like watching a teen rom-com Netflix movie. The conversations with the inner circle are always hilarious. Lastly, I want to talk about the ending.. But I can’t cause I don’t wanna spoil y’all out. I just want to ask WHAT HAPPENED AFTER? I DEMAND AN ANSWER or more likely I DEMAND A SEQUEL!!”

Read the full review here.

Loveless by Alice Oseman

Review by jenn, Fully Booked Online

“I have never read a book that explores queer struggles and societal pressures or expectations so well. This story of self-discovery and friendships is so real, well-written, and well-explored. I would highly recommend this to anyone especially to queer readers because I believe that everyone will learn more than a thing or two from this. Alice Oseman really never fails to deliver.”

I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

Review by alexx, Fully Booked Reading Ally

“The writing style here in I Kissed Shara Wheeler is one of my favorites! It was funny, it was light, but it was also earnest. Best of all was that, McQuiston knew how to get your attention and make you keep reading. As a reader, I was hooked in the first chapter to the very end. It also helped that the characters were interesting, captivating. Chloe, Rory, and Smith, who all seemed so different from one another, found friendship and common ground.”

Read the full review here.

Tarot of the Divine: A Deck and Guidebook Inspired by Deities, Folklore, and Fairy Tales from Around the World, Tarot Cards by Yoshi Yoshitani

Review by JoJo, Fully Booked Online

“I watched Ms. Yoshi Yoshitani's unboxing of this creation and she said that it took her five years to write the book. And draw this tarot deck. That five years is really worth it to wait. The collection of folklore around the world are really fascinating! From the skin color to the fashion. From the exciting adventures to heart-breaking stories. From humans to animals.  It serves a variety of culture. It is easily to read too. I am very happy that Ms. Yoshi included the Philippines' legend of Bakunawa and the Seven Moon. The staff are also nice, quick, and very helpful. The delivery was fast. Good customer service.”

Elektra by Jennifer Saint

Review by @adominiquereads, Fully Booked Reading Ally

“The character work is splendid. Everyone was so flawed and nuanced that it just made me adore them even more. And then the writing style was gorgeous! It was so lyrical and beautiful that it matched the story perfectly, even with its bloody roots. The perfect match of an enticing story and beautiful writing made me read this book so quickly because it was that amazing. This is my first encounter with Jennifer Saint's work, and I am glad to say that it was so much better than I expected it would be.”

Read the full review here.

Jurassic Park: A Novel by Michael Crichton

Review by RandomHonestReviews, Fully Booked Online

“I was just following the Fully Booked [Reading Challenge 2022] list to read a book published in the year I was born, and so I ordered this. I did not expect how great of a read this is! As I am fond of dinosaurs and have the Dinosaurium Museum book, I tell you that this novel is based on scientific facts and it is just amazing! I love the writing style of Michael Crichton as well! Not hard to understand and yet very informative and packed with thrills! I'll be sure to check out more books by Michael Crichton.”

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