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Reading Challenge 2021

Reading Challenge 2021

Want to line up your reads for the year? Here are some suggestions!

A book with a Color of the Year cover

Add books in Ultimate Gray and Illuminating to your shelf.

Reading Challenge 2021: Colors of the Year


A book with "how to" on the title

Take some time to learn something new.

Reading Challenge 2021: "How to" in the title


A book about secret worlds

Find a new escape in pages.

Reading Challenge 2021: Secret worlds


Women writers in sci-fi & fantasy

Explore worlds created by women in sci-fi & fantasy.

Reading Challenge 2021: Women in sci-fi & fantasy


Coming to screens in 2021

Never run out of stories, no matter what medium.

Reading Challenge 2021: Coming to screens


The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic work enters the public domain this year. Perfect time to start or reread.

Reading Challenge 2021: The Great Gatsby


An intriguing retelling of a classic

See beloved stories with new eyes.

Reading Challenge 2021: Retelling of classics


A book with both words and illustrations

A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

Reading Challenge 2021: Words & pictures


A book about racism or race relations

Listen to different voices to understand the world a little better.

Reading Challenge 2021: Racism & race relations


Non-Filipino Southeast Asian writers

Something a little close to home, but not quite.

Reading Challenge 2021: Southeast Asian Writers


A book with a plant on the cover

Take the plant-love to another level.

Reading Challenge 2021: Plant on the cover


A multi-generational saga

Stories that take us through lifetimes.

Reading Challenge 2021: Multigenerational sagas


A middle grade book with a magical creature

Add a dash of magic in your TBR.

Reading Challenge 2021: Middle grade with a magical creature


A book on Philippine history or current affairs

Dig a little deeper and get to know our country a little better.

Reading Challenge 2021: Philippine history & current affairs


Reread a book that was assigned as required reading in school

Maybe second (third? fourth?) time's the charm.

Reading Challenge 2021: Reread required reading


A book that takes you to the stars

The cosmos awaits.

Reading Challenge 2021: Take you to the stars


A book about the blurred lines between fiction and reality

A great story usually lies in this fine line.

Reading Challenge 2021: Blurred lines between fiction and reality


A book of essays

Dive into another's thoughts through a collection of essays.

Reading Challenge 2021: Essays


A page-turner mystery

See if you can finish in one sitting.

Reading Challenge 2021: Page-turner mystery


A book on science

Learn a little more about this rock we live in, all the wonders living in it, and all the wonders beyond.

Reading Challenge 2021: Science

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