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Read and Discover: Fully Booked 2023 Reading Challenge

Read and Discover: Fully Booked 2023 Reading Challenge

As we read books, our horizons expand and we are given an opportunity to see a unique window into the world. Reading helps us in so many ways—to learn, grow, develop empathy, and practice critical thinking. It can be an escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, providing a much-needed break from reality.

Reading also helps foster creativity and imagination. By reading different genres and authors, we can find new ways to express our ideas and solve problems. Ultimately, books have the power to help us grow as individuals.

This year, Fully Booked is encouraging readers to be more purposeful in their reading—to be their own adventurers in their own book journey. Here are prompts to help you read one book a month and discover your next great read in 2023.

Book that teaches you a skill, idea, or practice

Learn something new, expand your knowledge, or become proficient in practice with these reads that will help every reader grasp valuable insights on their subject and theme of choice.

Book that makes you swoon

Whether it’s a classic or a contemporary romance, books that are about love and adventure will leave readers with a stirring feeling of being swept away in an emotional journey.

Book featuring a real person

Get to know the achievements, misgivings, and triumphs of a true-to-life individual that can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for readers.

Book with a magical element

Unlock the endless possibilities and wonders with books that open portals to places full of enchantment and take readers on a journey of discovery, magic, and adventure.

Book that tells the story through images and text

Explore the world more in the comfort of your home by reading books with vivid illustrations, memorable characters, and engaging narratives that will make every reader’s imagination wander off.

Book that helps you understand yourself

Know your true self and see how this can have a profound effect on how you view yourself and the world around you with books that inspire readers to recognize their own strengths, weaknesses, and desires.

Book of essays or short stories

With an eclectic mix of ideas, thoughts, and experiences, readers can learn a variety of topics and perspectives told with a unique lens from which to view the world with these engaging titles.

Book set in the Philippines

Readers will be captivated by the unique storytelling of Filipino authors—each story comprises varied backgrounds, providing a backdrop for stories of all kinds.

Book that is more than 500 pages

Find solace and familiarity in extended narratives—readers can reach a whole new level of appreciation and an emotional connection to the characters and their plights that creates a lasting bond with the stories.

Book with an intriguing mystery

Decipher clues and unravel secrets hidden within the narratives with books that offer stimulating stories filled with suspenseful twists and turns and intriguing plots.

Book with a one-word title

Take your own interpretation of the nuances of books with a single-word title—it can be surprisingly poetic or playful and can create a truly memorable meaningful reading experience.

Book published in 2023

Fill your bookshelf with the newest books ranging from various genres–contemporary and literary fiction, romance, non-fiction, fantasy, and more– to complete your 2023 reading challenge.

More books per prompt are available on the Reading Challenge Collection. Visit Fully Booked Online to order and get free shipping for a minimum of Php 799 only.

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