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Raid Your Shelf: Sale Finds

Raid Your Shelf: Sale Finds

Some great reads can be found in the most unexpected places—like sale bins! We raided our shelves once again and dusted off some of the hidden treasures we found. Read on to check them out!

Raid Your Shelf: Tony's Sale Find

A neighbor was getting rid of some old books in a garage sale. So I got my hands on a first paperback edition of Ian Flemming’s You Only Live Twice.


Raid Your Shelf: Nicole's Sale Finds

I loved Wizard of Oz growing up—both the movies and the books—and my imagination ran wild with the fun characters and the world-building (moreso after reading and watching Wicked).

I was ecstatic to have been able to snag collections 3-5 of Oz by L. Frank Baum at a Fully Booked Atrium sale. The hunt for collections 1 and 2 continues!


Raid Your Shelf: Agnes's Sale Finds

I found these gems in a hole-in-the-wall bookstore when I was still in college. Each page has a story and though it’s supposed to be a short read, you can’t help but spend time admiring details of the postcards and artworks. I was only able to finish this late last year since I only had the 1st and 3rd, luckily enough, an office mate of mine had all 3 parts which allowed me to finally read The Golden Mean. Even after 11 years later, the excitement of opening the envelopes and letters is still there and I’m happy to finally know how their adventure ends.


Raid Your Shelf: Denise's Sale Find

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I bought this on vacation over 10 years ago for the equivalent of P165.


Raid Your Shelf: Hannah's Sale Finds

I was able to collect these Jodi Picoult paperbacks on a student budget thanks to the book sale back at my college. There are a few missing here though, some I lent and some lost to the world. Some are still wrapped in the original plastic, copies bought after having read a borrowed copy. These books have kept me company for most of my student life, helped me sustain my reading habit, and wrung out an endless stream of tears from my conceal-don't-feel heart, so they will always be a treasured part of my modest personal library.


Raid Your Shelf: Jean's Sale Find

I always buy myself a few books for my birthday, and this year that included Dune. It was on sale because it was dented, but it was really just some minor creases at the back which didn’t bother me too much.

—Jean, First Look Club

Raid Your Shelf:Jed's Sale Finds

I found The Dune Chronicles by Frank Herbert and The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist in a small used bookshop in Singapore’s Bras Basah Complex during the Great Singapore Sale of 2009. I ended up buying so many paperbacks (some that I unknowingly already had doubles of) that I went home with books tucked along the edges of my suitcase like a fragile paper spine.

—Jed, First Look Club

Raid Your Shelf: Clifford's Sale Find

I found this copy, a first edition, at a chain bookstore...priced criminally low at ₱50. Fruitcake was released around 1996 as a complementary storybook for the album of the same name. I think it’s too Little Prince-y for my taste, but for many fans of the band, this is a holy grail.

—Clifford, First Look Club

Raid Your Shelf: Jowana's Sale Find

I got this from a Fully Booked sale last year and is perfect for one of the prompts of a reading challenge I am currently doing: a book with a woman on the cover. Jack Kerouac intended Maggie Cassidy as a companion to his other novel, On the Road, but the publishers rejected his plan. This adolescent love affair is a tender reminder of the unique, spontaneous, and leading voice of the Beat Generation.

—Jowana, First Look Club 

Raid Your Shelf: Ilia's Sale Finds

Bought all these three books on sale at Fully Booked on separate occasions. The Annotated Hobbit was such a steal at Php300! It's dented in some parts but really could not complain, all things considered. I

had first read an advanced reader copy of The Science of Breakable Things and I fell in love with this story so when I saw a hardcover copy at half-off, I didn't hesitate.

Brooklyn, likewise, was also 50% off and I was always intrigued by this book. It's now one of my favorite novels ever.


Raid your shelf and share some of your sale finds in the comments!

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