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Raid Your Shelf: Borrowed Books

Raid Your Shelf: Borrowed Books

One of the best things about reading stories is sharing the ones we love with others. Some stories tend to take root in the lives of those to whom they were shared, so much so that they end up forming a new life with that new reader.

Check out the books that have taken root in the lives of some of our resident bookworms, each with their own story to tell—within their pages and within their owners.

Raid Your Shelf: Tony's Borrowed Book

Ironic how the book I “borrowed” happened to be Scott Lynch’s Republic of Thieves.



Raid Your Shelf: Nicole's Borrowed Book

I haven’t had the privilege of reading much Sherlock Holmes, but my husband and his father are huge fans. If I remember correctly, we may have borrowed my father-in-law’s copy and forgotten to return it since.



Raid Your Shelf: Jean's Borrowed Book 

On The Road by Jack Kerouac. I borrowed this from a good friend in college, which I think was a great time to read this. I love music in books because it really builds the atmosphere of the story. 



Raid Your Shelf: Reina's Borrowed Book

Doctors by Erich Segal was lent to me by a high school friend, who thought I might enjoy it because I was very vocal about wanting to become a health professional! True enough I loved it, and it was one of the things that encouraged me to go to medical school. That ended up being a wrong turn, but this novel entering my life will always be a right and happy accident.



Raid Your Shelf: Denise's Borrowed Book 

This was my brother’s copy of Mark Frost’s List of Seven. He didn’t love it as much as I did so it became mine. Or I could have taken it without his knowledge. Either could be true.



 Raid Your Shelf: Karla's Borrowed Books

Both books borrowed from college classmate/s. I don’t even remember who lent me, but Fragile Things has become one of my favorite books ever since!



Raid Your Shelf: Agnes's Borrowed Book 

I “borrowed” this during the time my husband and I were still in our early stages of dating. When I saw this, I was excited to know that he was also a reader and was already making conclusions about his personality based on the book. I haven’t read the book so I asked if I could borrow to which he offered for me to keep. I was amazed with his generosity, only to realize later that he had zero attachment to this book and he only bought this for a required reading. I’m not a big fan of The Catcher in the Rye but I keep this book as memento of our early dating phase and the many assumptions we used to have for each other.



Raid Your Shelf: Clifford's Borrowed Book 

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume 1. I can count on one hand how many books I’ve borrowed, primarily because I don’t like lending mine. This one stands out because, (1) the original owner was someone I really, uh, liked at the time, (2) we swapped books but didn’t get to do backsies, and (3) I’d like to think I got the better end of the bargain. I mean, come on, it has classics like “Flowers for Algernon” and “Mars Is Heaven!” in it!



Raid Your Shelf: Jed's Borrowed Book 

Okay, it’s technically a magazine, but it’s thick like a book and heavy like a book so it must count as a book. It’s only “mine” for as long as the quarantine is in effect! I borrowed it from a friend in February 2020. This was the short period when masks were already in vogue but no one knew what a frontliner was yet.



Raid Your Shelf: Ilia's Borrowed Book 

I found this picture book years ago in my childhood home. It's essentially a story about a girl in Lapland named Inga and her family's winter preparations—from herding reindeer to weaving lace boots. The book belonged to my dad and I am pretty sure it's responsible for my enduring love for bold and whimsical illustrations.

I searched for a copy of my own but, sadly, it's now out of print. So I decided to just take it with me. Shhhh, my dad doesn't know.


Raid your shelf and share your borrowed finds in the comments!

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