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Quarantine Poems by the 2020 Junior Book Crew

Quarantine Poems by the 2020 Junior Book Crew

Our Junior Book Crew program is online this year, which allows our young and bookish crew members to write and create from within the walls of their homes. One of their many activities include writing poems about the current situation — one describing what is happening now to someone 20 years in the future, and another about no touching these days.


One Room, Four Corners

By Laura Catalynna


I have four corners

in my room


My first corner has light

I yearn for the

scorching sunshine,

the exclusive one

only in the Philippines,

for I tire underneath artificial

fluorescent lightbulbs


My second corner is rest

Tell me, how was vacation like?

Was it good taking breaks

on the sandy beach?

What about long car rides

to Grandma's house?

The only rest I know

is the redundant slur

of nightmares,

the 9pm naps on the couch.


My third corner is my stuffed toy.

How did it feel going to the mall?

What was it like getting milk tea,

or laughing, or being silly at the arcade?

My plushies keep me company,

I secretly envy them,

a permanent smile sewed

upon their soft faces,

never falter, never frown


My fourth corner is my window.

The world is normal

when I look outside.

The sky has blushed

to a petite tint of soft blue.

The trees are tall,

blooming upon

pink petal flowers,

astray against wind.

My neighbor's house

has the same faded print,

a vague slab of purple and gray.


There are four corners in my room.

I sit in the center,

The world goes on.


No Touching

By Ana O.


Today with COVID around

Stayed home and hands are bound

I touched my mother

Who met the shopper

And touching now isn’t allowed


The Pandemic

By Mandy P.


It was a time when the outside was a stranger

And getting close to others was a danger

When streets and sidewalks were empty

And patients that filled hospitals were aplenty

Where nature took back its own home

As critters and creatures began to roam

Which people connected with technology

With protests and petitions that changed history

In these unsure times that get crazy

This is something that will affect our lives daily



By Riana P.


When this is all over,

May we never again

Take for granted

A hug from your grandparents,

A crowded theatre,

Conversations with neighbors,

Coffee with friends,

The noise of a classroom,

Or life itself.


When this all ends,

May we realize

How much we all need

Each other

Because no man is an island

And no one should stand alone.



By Adia E.


You will never know how much you took for granted

When twenty years ago a virus was spreading

You were confined in like there was fencing

Things you dread like work and schooling

We were now dreadfully missing

So before you complain, check your history books and be sure, to be grateful to not live twenty years ago



By Chloe D.V.


Where oh where

did my feelings go?

Under, over

Left or right


They seem to be out of sight

Oh that’s right!

Touching is no more

A world with no feeling is such a bore


Making a Virtual Hug

By Sophie G.


First, I find her favourite things

I add in pictures of precious crystals

red-orange sunsets

and Oreos


I sprinkle in her favourite book quotes

inspirational lyrics

and lines of poetry


I arrange them in a messy but aesthetically pleasing fashion

layers upon layers of filters encased in a neat collage


It is finished

I hit send


The reaction is priceless.


No touching!

By Arana S.


I stay indoors

For there is COVID-19

There isn’t a person as far as the eye can see

Right now in the world

We are under quarantine

And there is a strict


I’m sad because I can’t hug my friends

So now on social media we depend

To send virtual hugs, high fives and kisses

So we can say goodbye to all of those blisses.



By Ariana M.


The sun rises in the sky

Not too low but not too high

I wonder how long the day will be

As I watch the clock tick one, two three

A few more hours and I'll see the stars

I feel as if I'm behind bars

Time has passed and I wonder how I survive

The streets outside struggling to stay alive

Finally it's time for bed

I brush my teeth and lay on my pillow

And stare at the stain on my ceiling that looks like an armadillo

After a while I close my eyes

And dream of a plan I devise

To escape from reality

Two Decades

By: Alexi N.

Two decades ago, the world was a mess,

Everyone in the world was distressed.

Two decades later, everything turned fine.

Actually, we don't know, for now we'll just whine. 


By Mika S.


In a time when touching is a crime,

No holding hands, no hugs, no hi-fives,

It's hard, but it's easy, but we're all so confused,

How could we possibly survive?

We're human only, we can't live like this,

In a world where touching is a crime.


In a world where we can't go outside,

No mall trips, no gatherings, no outdoor fun,

It's driving us crazy!

It can't possibly be true!

It's a world where we can't go outside.


Covid-19 won't be this bad forever,

But it is what it is right now.

So we'll just have to make the best of this,

And soon it'll all be okay.


That's it for now for the 2020 Junior Book Crew's collection of quarantine poems. They have more to share soon, so stay tuned here at the Fully Booked blog.

Today with COVID around

Stayed home and hands are bound

I touched my mother

Who met the shopper

And touching now isn’t allowed


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