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King Encounters

King Encounters

We turn to the dark and strange this time as we ask our lovely bookworm friends at Bookworm Corner about their encounters with the works of Stephen King.

What was the first Stephen King book you read?


WIL: Cycle of the Werewolf.

THIR: Misery!

ILIA: Stephen King's "On Writing" was the one and only Stephen King book I read.

ANGELICA: My first Stephen King read was The Long Walk.

JACK: Lisey’s Story.


What made you pick it up or read his books?


WIL: The cool scary werewolf on the cover.

THIR: I don’t remember why or how I got a copy of that book. I was in high school. But I remember reading it until I finished it at 2AM. I remember thinking and deciding that: People, humans in flesh and blood, are scarier than any ghost or fictional monster there ever was or will be. I grew up and this belief still holds true.

ILIA: I am not really into horror or crime fiction so I never really had the desire to read his fiction but I would definitely read any memoir on writing I can get my hands on. I enjoyed Stephen King's casual style and his very specific anecdotes on the writing life.

ANGELICA: The story line is interesting and there is nothing like it in the literary world. I bought my first copy of the book from a second hand shop but after reading and fell in love with his horror, I bought a new copy at Fully Booked.

JACK: At the start, he is the only author I knew in this genre. My favorite is the Dark Tower series.


What do you like about King’s writing style or thematic explorations?


WIL: King's writing sounds naive, whilst hiding vulgar ideas between lines. The naivety makes the story easy to follow. But once you feel all comfy with the characters and the scene, he'll gradually let the horror creep in. Reading his stories makes me feel like I'm actually part of them, and I could literally feel what the characters feel. They give me the chills.

THIR: What I really like about his writing style is this: He can really mess you up, psychologically.

ILIA: He was probably the first writer (apart from Anne Lamott) to make me realize that writing is really, truly hard work—that it's not enjoyable all the time but you do it because the more you write, the more you get better at it. It really helped peel away that notion of a writer as a temperamental artiste who is chasing after passions and is inspired every single moment of her life.

ANGELICA: King's writing style is an instant portal to horrifying things. You know that King's world is disgusting, murderous, gross, and otherworldly but you will just go on reading his work. It feels like giving him/ his stories the consent to scare and haunt you and you will thank him for that after reading his works.

JACK: I like him for creating his own universe where his character and settings to one book link to the other.

Those are just some of the encounters our friends at Bookworm Corner had with Stephen King's Works. There will be more bookworm encounters coming soon on the blog.

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