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Helpful Advice for Creatives from Books

Helpful Advice for Creatives from Books

Many creatives experience the common ‘block.’ Whether you are an artist or a writer, or any of the professions in between, you must have experienced not being able to put anything out there at one point. The most common culprit is the absence of inspiration. Sometimes there are other reasons, like worrying about whether or not it’s good enough or that little fear of doing something that’s already been done. But don’t fret, dear creative, here are some bits of helpful tips and uplifting takeaways from creatives for you and others.


For when you’re doubting yourself:

Make good art. Whatever it is, no matter how people may perceive it, make good art.

From Art Matters by Neil Gaiman




For when you think you’re not good enough:

You don’t have to be the best at everything. And going back to Art Matters above, you only have to do what you do best.

From Things are What You Make of Them by Adam J. Kurtz



For when you’re worried about sharing to the world:

Side kick your fears. Front kick your distractions. Sometimes trying is better than not having done it at all. Put it out there.

From Gmorning, Gnight! By Lin Manuel-Miranda and Jonny Sun



For when you feel pressured:

Take it one day at a time. Everyone has their own pace. Recognize and follow yours.

From Keep Going by Austin Kleon



For when you think it has to be absolutely perfect, and therefore so should you:

We are human. We are imperfect beings. Nothing is truly perfect, and so we don’t have to be either. Being our true selves is enough. You must be kinder to yourself.

From Love For Imperfect Things by Haemin Sunim


These are only a few things that you can read if you need a little push to create. Each one of these tips are just small previews for a lot more of what each read can tell you and help you with. We hope, dear creative, that you found these helpful.

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