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Happy? Heartbroken? The Love Hypothesis Author Ali Hazelwood Reveals Book Recommendations for Every Mood

Happy? Heartbroken? The Love Hypothesis Author Ali Hazelwood Reveals Book Recommendations for Every Mood

Sometimes, even if we carry around our reading lists with us, our bookish appetites seem to crave something different. If you are guilty of being a big mood reader–someone who has a rom-com title next on their to-be-read list but suddenly shifts to a tragic love story because it matches the gloomy weather–then don’t fret, there are many bookworms like you… including the bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis!

Ali Hazelwood, who will also be releasing a new book this year entitled Love on the Brain, shared her go-to books for every kind of mood with Fully Booked. So if you are feeling in love, inspired, or even frustrated, Ali Hazelwood has a recommendation for you!

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Check out Ali’s list of recommendations below!

“This book is just a bundle of messy joy and happiness! The main character, Olivia, is a perfect storm of disaster. She means well, but everything in her life ends us turning into a flustercuck, and reading about her misadventures is always a source of delight to me. Maybe it’s because I find her extremely relatable, but her laugh-out-loud antics put me in a great mood!”

“This is a good story to read when you’re feeling down or frustrated, because it depicts sooo well what it’s like to live with a brain that sometimes doesn’t quite work the way you’d want it to. Ari, the main character, struggles with depression, but also manages to make it work and to live her life as best as she can—and over the course of the story, she finds happiness with Russel, a uniquely charming hero.  I highly recommend
Weather Girl for when you want to be reminded that you might not be perfect, but you can still end up happy.”

"No one does it like Talia Hibbert. Her entire Brown Sisters trilogy is a masterpiece, but Chloe and her mission to “get a life” have a special place in my heart. Her relationship with Red is steamy and #goals, and the way the two main characters banter, flirt, and take care of each other makes me swoon every time I reread (and that’s a lot of times!). Bonus cat content, too."

"If you want to be broken apart and then put back together, this is the book for you. Helen Hoang has written nothing but masterpieces, but Anna’s story truly speaks to me—her struggle with burnout, the fear of disappointing the ones around her, her difficult relationship with her family. And then her meeting with Quan, who is one of the softest, most wonderful, most supportive heroes I’ve encountered. In this book, the lows are low and the highs are all the more soaring, because they feel earned. A beautiful story of love and healing."

"Honestly, I could have listed any other Lisa Kleypas book, but let’s go with Derek and Sarah’s story: I read it for the first time when I was in high school, and I’ve been a fan of the author ever since. This book has everything I adore in a historical (plucky main character, broody love interest that pines despite himself, adventures) and I reread it at least once a year. It brings me back to when I first started reading romance, and it ages like fine wine."

"This is the first book in the Tita Rosie’s Kitchen series, and while it’s classified as a cozy mystery, it almost reads like a romcom, but full of intrigue and action. Lila is a hilarious main character (she just wants to bake fancy fusion cookies, and yet she keeps stumbling on murders, ooops), the ensemble cast is to die for (sometimes literally), and the descriptions of food always inspire me to eat (why, yes, one my favorite activities.) "

"Sherry Thomas became one of my favorite writers through her historical romance novels, but the Lady Sherlock series is something else. Charlotte Holmes is the best Sherlock Holmes reimagining I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing (and I’m a stan, so I’ve experienced a lot). Charlotte is a unique, fascinating main character, and whenever new books come out in the series (about once a year) I stop everything I’m doing to read them!"

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