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Fully Booked Shelf Tour: Malaka Gharib

Fully Booked Shelf Tour: Malaka Gharib

Growing up as Egyptian-Filipino in America, Malaka Gharib tells a heartfelt tribute to immigrants chasing the promise of the "American dream." In I Was Their American Dream: A Graphic Memoir, Gharib navigates her childhood in her parents' unfulfilled dreams, in her trying to fit in the white culture, and in understanding the tension between holding onto her heritage and trying to be an all-American kid.

Take a peek at some of her books, zines, and an edited manuscript of her next book as Gharib takes readers on a mini tour of her personal space in Fully Booked’s Shelf Tour featuring Malaka Gharib.

"A framed photo of a drawing that the comics artist Adrian Tomine made me for writing a blurb for the back of his book. He drew himself in MY drawing style. I almost died when I saw it!"

"How I store my mini zines. I put them in a folder with baseball card plastic holders."

"A bookshelf in my house"

"An edited manuscript of my next book, It Won't Always Be Like This"

"My friend Katie made these memento mori paintings for me that I put on my bookshelf"

"Some new Filipino cookbook additions to my bookcase: I Am A Filipino and Amboy"

"Another bookcase in my office"

Join us as we know more about Malaka Gharib and her debut graphic memoir I Was Their American Dream in Fully Booked Chats: Malaka Gharib happening on October 29, 5pm at the Fully Booked Facebook Page.

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