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Fully Booked Chats: Kat Cho

Fully Booked Chats: Kat Cho

Join us for a conversation with international bestselling YA author, Kat Cho, on October 3, 3pm at Fully Booked Facebook page. One of the members of First Look Club, Reina, will be chatting with her about her books and the writer life. 

Kat Cho used to hide books under the bathroom sink and then sneak in there to read after bedtime. Her parents pretended not to know. This helped when she decided to write a dinosaur time-travel novel at the tender age of nine. Sadly, that book was not published. Kat is the co-host of the Write or Die Podcast, a podcast that interviews authors about the struggles of getting published and maintaining an author career. She currently lives and works in NYC and spends her free time trying to figure out what kind of puppy to adopt. Kat is the international bestselling author of Wicked Fox and Vicious Spirits (Putnam/Penguin).

Find her online at: Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | KatChoWrites.com

Frequently Asked Questions

The event will be on October 3, 3PM on Fully Booked Facebook page.

2. What will happen in the online event?

We’ll have an online interview with the author of Gumiho (Wickec Fox) and Dokkaebi (Vicious Spirits), Kat Cho. We’ll talk about her books and the writer life. Kat Cho will also be answering some of the questions by our bookworm community!

3. Is the event for free?


4. Oh no, I missed the event! Can I still watch it?

You can still watch our chat with Kat Cho on our YouTube: Fully Booked

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