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From Sunday Mornings to Breakups Jams: Michelle Zauner’s Life in Songs

From Sunday Mornings to Breakups Jams: Michelle Zauner’s Life in Songs

Music has always been a part of Michelle Zauner’s life. She learned to play the piano at age five and in 2005 Michelle tried to get her music off the ground as she first played under the moniker “Little Girl, Big Spoon.” After almost ten years of trying and failing and trying again, Michelle finally found her sound in Japanese Breakfast.

As Michelle wrote in Crying in H Mart, “Nothing was as vital as music, the only comfort for my existential dread.”

Now, the next big question you might have in your mind is: what are the songs included in Michelle’s playlist? 

Luckily, the 32-year-old musician and author of Crying in H Mart revealed some “theme songs” that reminded her of specific moments in her life during the recently-concluded Fully Booked Chats with Michelle Zauner so you can also add it on your own roster of go-to tunes. Let’s hit the play button to find out!

Theme Song #1: Long Road Trips with Friends

Tiny Cities Made of Ashes by Modest Mouse

“This was a big road trip song. When I was a teenager, I would listen to that and drive around.”

Theme Song #2: Childhood

Wild Thing by The Troggs

“My parents had this CD… I didn’t even think it was a The Troggs CD, I think it was a compilation CD because it had like a jukebox on it. But I loved that song “Wild Thing”, when I was five years old and I was such a wild thing as a kid. I feel like that would be my childhood theme song.”

Theme Song #3: Sunday Morning with a Cup of Coffee

Waltz, NO. 2 by Elliot Smith

“I guess, it’ll have to be an Elliot Smith song, like Waltz #2 or something.”

Theme Song #4: Breakups

She's a Jar by Wilco

“This song has been my breakup song ever since I was 16 years old. It’s Wilco’s “She’s a Jar.” I always listen to that song every breakup I’ve gone through.”

Theme Song #4: Cooking Dinner for Family

My Sweet Lord - George Harrison

“I think I like old man music now, but I love George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord.” I feel that that’s just family and jiggly…”

Theme Song #5: After Finishing a Tour

Emily by Joanna Newsom

“I think I want the Joanna Newsom vinyls for Christmas because her songs aren’t on Spotify. I think I would say Joanna Newsom’s “Emily.”

Theme Song #6: Just Found Out Crying in H Mart Is a New York Times Bestseller

Dreams by Cranberries

“I’ve been holding on to this one just because it’s just such a theme song… “Dreams” by The Cranberries because it’s so joyous and it’s main-character-music.”

You can listen to the JBrekkie Mixtape on Spotify. Don’t forget to add the songs of Japanese Breakfast’s newest album
Jubilee to your playlist, too. 

Want to know more about Michelle and Crying in H Mart? Watch the full interview Fully Booked Chats with Michelle Zauner hosted by local artist and singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan on Facebook or YouTube.

Grab a copy of Crying in H Mart on Fully Booked online and enjoy free shipping for orders Php 799 and above.

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