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Fresh Read by Fully Booked: Monthly Subscription Service

Fresh Read by Fully Booked: Monthly Subscription Service


When we launched our Fresh Read subscription service last December 2019, we were excited about introducing readers to new releases and make sure subscribers never run out of stories.

This service hit a snag when the global COVID-19 situation significantly impacted airfreight operations which have led to delays in shipments of all new releases, including the ones for the subscription service.

We'd like to update you that we are expecting the March and April titles for the Fresh Read subscription to arrive in late June or early July. We will be sure to send these out as soon as we receive them.

We are truly sorry for the long wait you have had to go through to get Fresh Reads. We thank you for your patience and understanding through all this.

Do you want to read more this 2020? Always on the lookout for good book recommendations? Introducing FRESH READ, a Fully Booked monthly subscription service!

Subscribe to FRESH READ for only Php799 per month and receive a surprise, newly-released, book—straight to your doorstep. Curated by resident bookworms at Fully Booked.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose a genre. (Children's Intermediate, Fiction, Non-Fiction)

Step 2: Choose a payment schedule (Quarterly or Bi-annual)

Step 3: Receive your surprise book!

Which genre should you sign up for?

Sure! If you read mostly fiction—whether it's contemporary, literary, historical, thrillers, science fiction, or fantasy—subscribe to the fiction genre. If you're a parent and you want your child to read more (or you just love Middle Grader books like some of our Fully Booked resident bookworms), you can subscribe to the Children's Intermediate genre. If you are into current affairs, personal development, essays, or memoirs—the Non-Fic genre is perfect for you.

* Free shipping for Metro Manila subscribers. Add Php100 shipping fee for provincial subscribers.

** Cut-off for subscribing is until every 5th of the month. After that, you will receive your first book subscription in two months. (Example: Subscribe on February 6, 2020 and receive your first book by April 2020.)

Fresh Read Subscription Service


1. What are the extra content that I can expect when I subscribe to FRESH READ?

All Fresh Read monthly books will include either a review, a discussion guide, or a Q&A from the author(s). Depending on availability and publisher support, related merchandise like bookmarks and button pins may also be included. If we're lucky, some books may even be signed!

2. Do I find out in advance what the book for a particular month will be?

We'd love for you to be surprised so you'll find out what the book is when your package arrives. However, in case of unexpected delay in book delivery or availability, we will notify you of the book title to avoid duplicates in your shelf. 

3. Does Fresh Read mean a newly released title? What formats can I expect?

Yes, you will receive a new release every month. Depending on availability, you will mostly receive export paperbacks or hardcover editions. 

4. Do you allow cash on delivery for FRESH READ?

Subscription for Fresh Read has to be paid in advance for you to receive your monthly book. If Cash on Delivery method is chosen upon check out, order will not be considered valid.

5. When will I receive my book?

Book delivery will depend on the publication date or availability of the selected title for the month. Generally, you should receive your book by the 2nd week or 3rd week of the month.  

6. Is there a cut-off for subscribing so I can receive my book in the next month?

Yes, you should subscribe by the 5th of the month to receive your first book subscription the same month. Otherwise, you will receive your first book subscription ome months after you subscribe.  (Example: If you subscribe by February 5, 2020, you will receive your first book by February 2020. If you subscribe on February 6, 2020 onwards until the end of the month, you will receive your first book by March 2020.)

*This answer has been edited and update for accuracy of delivery process.

7. I subscribed for one quarter. How many books will I receive?

You'll receive one book per month for three months. Should you want to continue your subscription, you will have to re-subscribe. Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder! (If you subscribed for 6 months, you will receive one book per month for six months.)

8. Can I change my chosen genre every month?

To help us select books and order accordingly, you can only choose one genre per subscription period. Once your subscription ends, you can re-subscribe and choose a different genre. 

9. Can I subscribe for someone else as a gift?

Yes! Just subscribe and pay, then upon checkout, indicate in the instructions field that this is for a gift. Send us an email at orders@fullybookedonline.com with the name and email address of the recipient. 

10. Can I change my shipping address in the middle of the subscription period?

Yes, as long as the book has not been sent out. Email us a change of address request at support@fullybookedonline.com. 

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