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First Look: The Starless Sea

First Look: The Starless Sea

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Night Circusa timeless love story set in a secret underground world—a place of pirates, painters, lovers, liars, and ships that sail upon a starless sea.

Erin Morgenstern is back and she's taking us into the depths of the earth, where an ancient library is hidden—a a place that hides not just books, but cities lost, stories whipered, notes passed under doors and across time. Reviewers Jean and Jody hop on this thrilling adventure, made especially for lovers of all kinds of stories. Read their thoughts below.

A Haven of Stories

Jean says: What would you say if you were told that far below the surface of the earth, on the shores of the Starless Sea, sits an ancient library? A sprawling haven where myths and fables are told and re-told, wrapped in silk, or written on scrolls, or carved in stone.

Jody says: It’s this sense of being overwhelmed (almost drowned) by so many stories that make the reading experience something so unique. I loved piecing together these fragments as the story (and the stories) progressed, and while The Starless Sea is a hefty read, it is infinitely rewarding to see everything click into place as the words spill out onto each page.

And Adventure Down Memory Lane

Jean says: Zachary, now a graduate student in Vermont, stumbles upon a mysterious book in the library—an account of that hazy, half-remembered childhood incident. Now Zachary, with the mysterious Dorian and charming Mirabel as his companions, must embark on a quest to discover his purpose and decide his fate in this magical world.

Jody says: There is, however, a story that he stumbles upon that unnerves him and shakes him down to his very toes. Interestingly, it a story of himself—one that took place years ago right at the back of his mother’s home. [...] Zachary follows the breadcrumbs that lead him to a literary charity event in Manhattan, a strange underground harbor, and through doors he never knew existed.

An Ode to Stories and Those Who Love Them

Jean says: It is a love letter to the people who love stories, and will do what it takes to protect them, even if it means letting them evolve and change. It is for the people who still believe in fairy tales, who still wait for their letter from Hogwarts, who still enter wardrobes in search of Narnia. It is for you, dear reader, if you have always felt like you never quite belonged, and are still in search of adventure.

Jody says: It’s a lesson on the stories we keep so close to our book-infested hearts. It’s a passionate and fantastical reminder on why we read and keep reading. And it’s a beautifully written love letter to all of us who find solace in dog-eared pages and rows upon rows of print.

The Starless Sea is available at Fully Booked branches and Fully Booked Online.

Jean has, at different points in her life, worked in government, interviewed international celebrities, and been the social media manager for several brands.
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Jody is currently an undergraduate student taking up Education and is discovering everyday the greatest bits about reading and learning that fuel our thinking.
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