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First Look: The Constant Rabbit by Jasper Fforde

First Look: The Constant Rabbit by Jasper Fforde

A new stand-alone novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Early Riser and the Thursday Next series. An inimitable blend of satire, fantasy, and thriller, The Constant Rabbit is the latest dazzlingly original foray into Jasper Fforde's ever-astonishing creative genius. Dan and Katya dive into this absurd world head first. Read their thoughts below.

An absurd world

Dan says: Almost instantly, you are plunged into an alternate United Kingdom where the country’s 12 libraries are only open for precisely six minutes every two weeks in what is dubbed as Buchblitz. [...] Then a rabbit comes along, talks, and borrows a book that almost upends the systematic library process of stamping, organizing, and shelving of books all within the six minutes that it is open. And you find yourself more curious about what the hell is going on.

Katya says: The world of The Constant Rabbit is very much like this one, but with one major difference: Fifty-five years ago, after an unexpected snowfall on the night of a full moon, eighteen rabbits were transformed into human-sized rabbits in the whimsical style of Beatrix Potter. [...] Despite its improbability at first glance, Fforde’s world feels fleshed out and believable.


A reflection of reality

Dan says: A satire about our own prejudices, our apathy to things that don’t concern us, and an accurate portrayal of all that is wrong in our own world. You will find yourself laughing, while at the same time reflecting on our own inactions to the injustices around us.

Katya says: While anthropomorphized rabbits are good comedy fodder, Fforde makes sure to punch up, not down, pointing out the illogical rhetoric of leporiphobes (rabbit-haters) and the institutions that keep rabbits down, with delightfully tongue-in-cheek wisdom and self-awareness. And through Peter, Fforde shows that sitting on the fence isn’t neutrality, but complicity.


The Verdict

Dan says: Readers who have yet to discover his works have a lot to enjoy in this novel and this provides a great entry point to his earlier works. Those who love his works will find even more to love in this absurdist tale that is all too funny and achingly real.

Katya says: I loved The Constant Rabbit, and I already count it among my favorite reads of 2020. I can’t believe I spent 28 years of my life without reading a single Jasper Fforde novel—I’m glad Fully Booked remedied this for me!—and now I absolutely cannot wait to read more.

Chris Daniel has written on Wattpad, yellowpads, and notepads. He works as a Systems Administrator by day and a recluse at night. 
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Katya has had a torrid romance with fiction for over two decades. She works in advertising and has four poodles.
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