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First Few Pages: Influence by Sara Shepard and Lilia Buckingham

First Few Pages: Influence by Sara Shepard and Lilia Buckingham

If you loved We Were Liars, be the first to read this twisty new mystery that dives into the world of teen influencers from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars Sara Shepard and seventeen-year-old actress and social media personality Lilia Buckingham.

Read an excerpt below.

Delilah Rollins was going to a very, very important party.

She sat in the back of her family’s nondescript SUV--as though her mom, Bethany, was an Uber driver and she was the passenger--biting her nails in excitement and terror. Her mom clutched the steering wheel and fitfully murmured about the chaos of LA traffic, a city the family was brand-new to as of six days earlier, when they’d moved there from Minneapolis. To say they were having culture shock was a major understatement. 

“So tell me again what this thing is?” Bethany asked warily, cursing under her breath as another driver cut her off. 

Delilah shifted. “It’s for Wellness Beauty. It should be great. A lot of influencers and celebrities will be there, there will be tons of photo ops, free stuff . . .” 

Delilah’s sister, Ava, who was also sitting in the backseat, turned, eyes gleaming. “Ooh, can you get me an eyeshadow palette?” 

Bethany frowned. “You’re too young for makeup, Ava.” 

Ava pouted. “Fourteen isn’t too young!”

Bethany ignored this, glancing at Delilah again in the rearview mirror. “Who invited you?” 

Delilah felt the same thrill that she had when she’d first gotten the invitation. Only one of the most famous people on the planet invited me, actually. But she couldn’t tell her mom that. It might freak her out. Her mom was wary of famous people, especially influencers. “Just some people I know online,” she said casually. 

“In other words, strangers.” Bethany shook her head. “Maybe I should come in with you.” 

“No!” Delilah begged. “You can’t! I’ll be fine!” 

The argument was curtailed because Delilah’s mom had to make a scary merge onto an eight-lane highway. Delilah swallowed hard, then looked at her phone. On the screen was pretty much the most amazing thing that had ever happened to Delilah in her life: a direct Instagram message from @LuluJasmine, aka Jasmine Walters-Diaz, aka Lulu C from That’s Hot!, Delilah’s favorite dance show on Lemonade, which was the Netflix for tweens and teens. Delilah had the message memorized: Hey, Delilah! I’m a huge fan, and I live in LA, too! I’d love to invite you to a party for Wellness Beauty on Tuesday afternoon at the Evensong Hotel on the Strip! Let me know if you can make it! 

She still wasn’t sure it was real. 

Twenty million people followed Jasmine’s account on Instagram. The posts where Jasmine wore the rainbow skirt and lace leotard, the iconic outfit Lulu C was known for, practically broke the internet. Delilah had no idea how Jasmine found her page. Could it really have been from her Hey, I just moved to LA and I’m freaking out! she’d put on her Story a few days back? Delilah was suspicious of Jasmine’s message, but her account had the “I’m verified and you’re not” blue checkmark . . . so maybe it was true.

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