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First Few Pages: 100 Ways to Say No by Nicole Monente

First Few Pages: 100 Ways to Say No by Nicole Monente

Recognizing it’s not always easy to say no, Nicole takes readers through real-life examples familiar to anyone who has found themselves saying yes when they really didn’t want to, providing guidance on how to:

  • Say no effectively and appropriately in any situation
  • Use techniques that come naturally to make saying no as stress-free as possible
  • Fend off unwanted invitations nicely but firmly
  • Set healthy boundaries with loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues
  • Tell yourself no when you need to
  • Let go of guilt, worry, and regrets and do what’s right for you

Everyone needs healthy boundaries—let this charming book help you set them and make learning to say no much easier.

People pleasers have a hard time saying no. There are so many considerations seemingly standing in our way—social pressures and internal pressures, empathy and sympathy, attraction and temptation—not to mention power dynamics. Perceived obligations and actual obligations, presumed consequences and actual consequences . . . oh, and what about guilt? Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to experience them all at once!

Saying yes all the time is not the answer either. Learning to set boundaries—and making them stick—is hard.

People pleasers will do almost anything to avoid conflict, but at what cost? The truth is, it takes some serious training. The first step is to find your no muscle. It might be a little weak at first.

The more comfortable you become with saying it, the stronger your no muscle will get—strong enough to be tough when the circumstances call for it.
Excerpted from 100 Ways to Say No by Nicole Monente. Copyright © 2023 by Monente, Nicole. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

100 Ways to Say No by Nicole Monente is coming to our shelves soon. You may pre-order below and stay tuned on our social media handles for when it's released!

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