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How Bookworms Read More This 2022

How Bookworms Read More This 2022

Bookworms, it’s time for a midyear check: how have you been reading this 2022 so far? Have you been a voracious book reader ticking those boxes or has it been kind of slow lately? Whether you’re tearing through your TBR or in a reading slump, there’s no ideal reading journey—what matters is that you’re still turning pages and never running out of stories.    

We’ve asked some of our reader friends to share how they’ve read more this 2022. Scroll on down to check out their reading year thus far and be inspired by the experiences of fellow readers. 

1. Joined a book club

Participating in the Fully Booked internal book club made me read more in 2022. Joining made me explore titles that I won't normally pick up and read. As a reader with a goal to explore other genres, the book club pushed me to commit to this goal. Apart from that, it's always more fun to read when you know that there are people you can discuss the book with. Not only that you were able to read more but also you were able to learn more because of the book club engagement. Karla, Events

2. Consistently read a few pages a day

I have read more this year by trying to read a few pages daily so that I get to finish at least one to two books per month. Reading a few pages daily also helps me put my mind at peace for a few hours—except when I'm reading horror! This reading habit is really effective because it helps me clear off my to-be-read pile.Gelo, Customer Care

3. Bought an e-reader

Before 2022 started, I told myself that I want to start reading more again. So I made it my New Year's resolution to read at least 1 book per month. Of course, it was easier said than done. 4 months in, and I was still in between 2-3 books, and haven't finished one yet. Then I decided to buy a Kindle. In just 2 weeks, I’ve finished 2 books, and I’m on my way to finishing my 3rd. Myks, E-Commerce

4. Gave into reading moods

I've been following my moods/instincts more when choosing what to read. If I'm not in the mood to read something, I just won't. So far this has prevented reading slumps because I'm always looking forward to picking up my current book, turning my brain off, and throwing myself into it. If the mood is not to read at all, I follow that instinct and find that I'll always end up wanting to read again. Going with the flow and following my gut has been proving effective for me. Arielle, Events

5. Kept up with new releases

Three things: kept up with new releases, used my vacation days, and actually read the books I bought instead of taking photos of them with a beverage. Clifford, First Look Club

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6. Followed a schedule

I set aside a couple of hours (before sleeping or before going to work) to read at least 50-100 pages daily. My rule is to finish a book within four days. There are no shortcuts to reading more than others, making it a habit.Jowana, First Look Club

7. Explored new genres

This year, I’ve been more intentional about exploring genres. I used to be fearful about picking up books that I wasn't used to reading like fantasy or non-fiction, but I was eager to get out of my comfort zone. So far, being an open-minded and adventurous reader paved the way for me to read more in 2022. Also, joining the Fully Booked internal book club has been an absolute game-changer for me. Being in a community that encourages and fosters conversations makes reading more fun! Alexx, Content

8. Read multiple books at the same time

How Have I read more this 2022? I think doing Goodreads Reading Challenge/quota helps since it reminds you of how many books you are behind from your goal. Then, having realistic expectations on your reading list per month helps since personally, book slumps are an effect when our mind and body feel overwhelmed with stuff, and having a mountainous reading list can add to that. 

Also, I try to read multiple books at once, and having a kindle helps me with that. My kindle would be my on-the-go book or the book I can read to fall asleep. While the physical books are books I really allot a schedule/time to read. This method sometimes helps, and sometimes it doesn't. - Joe, Events

Half the year may have gone but it’s never too late to embark on a new reading adventure. Participate in the Read More 2022 Challenge! This will encourage you to read across genres that might trigger your appetite to read. The Fully Booked Read More 2022 Challenge includes 12 reading prompts that will push you to pick up a book at least once a month.

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