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Coffee Conversations: Poetry & Collaboration

Coffee Conversations: Poetry & Collaboration

About the Event


Words Anonymous

3:00 - 4:00 pm

In this 1 hour panel discussion session, members from Words Anonymous will talk about their experiences as poets and the role of poetry in social action (advocacies, fundraisers, etc.). WA will also perform live and share some of their favorite poets and influences.


Ang Sabi Nila

4:00 - 5:00 pm

They often think of poems as discrete, individual units. Short pieces that can be performed on stage, or read fleetingly on a quiet afternoon. In this session, the organizers behind Ang Sabi Nila will discuss poetry as extended practice and poems as parts of a bigger project A.K.A. poetry collections.


Collaboratory PH

5:00 - 6:00 pm

Collaboratory PH members will share their experiences in collaborating among each other and with other artists from other groups and disciplines. Using some of their notable pieces as exemplars, they will discuss how they forge partnerships, co-create pieces and co-perform them with collaborators.

About the Performers


Words Anonymous

Words Anonymous is a team of Filipino performance poets whose goal is to share their passion for spoken word poetry with the rest of the country. Its members are ordinary people looking to build extraordinary connections through their words and stories.


Ang Sabi Nila

Poetry is language distilled, the epitome of the possibility of sound and syntax. A poem, therefore, is an event, a becoming, the realization of the possibility of words whether read or uttered. Every element of the poem must therefore be deliberate, every flourish, every image, every sound. A poet is a master of words. And yet attend any open mic event that purports to focus on poetry and you’ll find that the drone of conversation is of a volume that threatens the voice of the speaker onstage. Or that the bar’s blender shrieks a louder, more painful verse than the poet in recitation. Poetry demands silence and contemplation. A careful consideration of the shape of language in the mind. How can the focus be on poetry if the atmosphere is hostile to the prominence of a poet’s words? How can the focus be on poetry if the purpose of attending is to speak but not listen?

Ang Sabi Nila is a new series of poetry nights that aims to reestablish the primal importance of listening in the appreciation and conduct of poetry. It seeks to challenge the dominant conception of the poetry night as an opportunity to perform by reminding lovers of poetry that it is also an opportunity to discover and to listen.


Collaboratory PH

Composed of writers, musicians and performance artists from different collectives who came together to create and experiment on collaborative art. With different styles and methods, the group strives by brining expressions of individuality together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How can I join the Event?

The Event will be held via Fully Booked’s Facebook Page, kindly wait for the event to be livestreamed on April 25, 2021 at 3pm.


2.    Is the Virtual Event for Free?

Yes! But there is an open tip box during the event in case you want to showcase your support to our poets.


3.    What activities does the event consist of?

The event consists of lighthearted activities such as discussion on collaborative poetry work, building poetry collection, and many more.


4.    Do I have to bring some requirements with me for the event?

Not really, but you may bring a pen and notebook with you in case you want to take notes and write down our poets’ insights.


5.    Where can I direct my questions about the event?

Kindly email us at [email protected] for any inquiries regarding the event.

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