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Can’t Finish a Book? Here Are 10 Tips to Get Over Your Reading Slump

Can’t Finish a Book? Here Are 10 Tips to Get Over Your Reading Slump

Have you been wanting to read lately but having a hard time finding the willpower to do it? It almost feels like the checklist is complete: a book, tabs for annotating, and a cup of coffee. What’s only missing is you–no matter how hard you try, you just can’t keep the momentum going. In a nutshell, reading feels like a chore now.

If this is the case, then you are in a reading slump, which Urban Dictionary describes as “a reader's worst nightmare; not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t.” But don’t be dismayed! Whether you consider yourself a big bookworm or just got into reading, trust us, we have all been there… And we have advice on how you will conquer this “nightmare.”

Check out these practical tips to get out of a reading slump.

1. Reread an all-time favorite. One of the simplest remedies for a reading slump is to remember why you love reading in the first place. Let your favorite title help spark your curiosity once again.

Rereading can also take the pressure off finishing a book since you have already completed all of its pages before–thus, rereading can simply be about taking pleasure from a well-known story or visiting your character's friends. 

2. Follow a reading prompt. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what book to pick up next. There can be too many options from your TBR pile or just too many recommendations that it’s hard to keep up. Maybe some structure can help you get out of your slump. How about following a reading prompt or challenge? This will encourage you to read across genres that might trigger your appetite to read. The Fully Booked Read More 2022 Challenge includes 12 reading prompts that will push you to pick up a book at least once a month.

3. Switch up your environment. Maye one of the reasons why you are having a hard time concentrating is because of the distractions around you? Try to take “me” time: taking a break from your usual routine to make way for uninterrupted and intentional reading. Even just 30 minutes of reading each day can help establish the reading routine again. 

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4. Join a book club. Being able to talk about books with dedicated and like-minded readers might get you excited again. Likewise, a reading deadline could also be the answer to getting rid of your slump.

5. Read a short book. If you find it overwhelming to commit to finishing a book, you could start choosing titles that are less intimidating. Pick a novella or short story to help you rekindle your passion for reading.

Whereabouts by Jhumpa Lahiri is about a woman questioning her place in the world, wavering between stasis and movement, between the need to belong and the refusal to form lasting ties. It only has 176 pages. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy is another short read–it follows the developing friendship between the four protagonists of the title and features lovely illustrations that will make you appreciate the story better.

6. Explore a different genre. Try getting out of your comfort zone and pick a genre unfamiliar to you. If you mostly read romance or fiction, we recommend exploring non-fiction or poetry. Who knows? The switch might surprise you and be the answer you are looking for.

Graphic Novels can be a good way to jumpstart your reading since they’re not so text-heavy. It can be refreshing to read something that provides visual storytelling. 

Various genres are included in the Read More 2022 Challenge prompts which will encourage you to read books about philosophy; based on real life; with illustrations or drawings; and even a title published on the year you were born.

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7. Pick up a title written by your favorite author.
It might be helpful to find a go-to author since reading their other works will feel like you are in comfortable territory. Reading something from a familiar author can make the reading experience go smoother as you tend to already know their style and themes — this can make it easier for you to dive into their narratives.

8. Ask for recommendations. It’s nice to hear from people who have been there and done that. Try asking for other bibliophiles’ title recommendations  books that have helped them get out of their own slump.

If you are looking for a book community, the Bookworm Corner is the perfect place to be! This is a Facebook group where book lovers can engage in meaningful conversations about books—a safe space to share your love for reading and hopefully you also get to learn from others in return.

9. Try an audiobook. Feeling like your eyes are swimming when you try to focus on a page? You don’t have to force yourself to read, an audiobook could save the day! Listening to a book might be the easy reentry to reading your brain needs now.

10. Address the underlying issue. The problem might go beyond a reading slump so don’t forget to check in with yourself and your mental health. Stress can be a huge factor in why your brain refuses to read. Take a break if you really need to… The reading goal can wait.

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