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Books That Feel Like a Rainy Day

Books That Feel Like a Rainy Day

A blanket of gray clouds paint the sky while you prepare a freshly brewed cup of coffee; its pleasant aroma wafting through the room. You see the rain begin to pour then browse your shelf to look for a book to accompany you in this chilly weather.

Now, which book is it?

Truth be told, there are some titles that you can resonate with and feel the most when you read it during the gloomy season. Read through for some book recommendations from fellow readers that are perfect for the rainy days ahead.

From Dan (First Look Club):

Books that I like to read on rainy days fall into three categories. First is the uplifting fiction category or "uplit". Books like Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, books by Fredrik Backman (A Man Called Ove, Britt-Marie Was Here, Anxious People), and books by Matt Haig (How To Stop Time, The Midnight Library) fall into this category. They are the perfect comfort stories for rainy days because of their wonderful blend of funny and heartbreaking moments. These are hopeful and uplifting stories that can make you laugh and cry—sometimes in the same paragraph.

The second category would be cozy mysteries. These are amateur detective stories typically set in a small town. They are great reads on rainy days because, as their genre says, they're cozy reads. Murders are not gruesome and the killers are usually someone from the small town who holds a grudge against the victims. The ending usually reveals the killer with an explanation of how everything went down. Books like Her Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen, Charles Lenox series by Charles Finch, and Agatha Raisin series by M.C. Beaton are the ones I look forward to reading every year.  

The third category is more personal. These are the books that I've read throughout the years that I love rereading. Books like The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and Discworld series by Terry Pratchett are some of the books I've reread over the years, especially when it's raining. They're a perfect comfort read because I know where the stories are going and there are no surprises. They provide the much-needed coziness and nostalgia on a rainy day because they bring back memories of the times I've read them, often at different stages of my life. They're like the warm hug of a loved one on gloomy days and when everything seems to be falling apart.

From Carla Shane (Bookworm Corner)

Normal People by Sally Rooney. Sarap basahin kapag umuulan. Unli luha. Hagulgol level. Wala naman makakarinig sayo.

From Jowana (First Look Club):

Nothing like hunkering down with comfort reads while the rain pours over the metro. Comfort reads, in this case, are thriller, historical fiction, and Filipino comics. I intend to read a couple of thrillers, While Justice Sleeps and The Other Black Girl; a couple of historical fiction, The Chosen and the Beautiful and Malibu Rising; and a re-read of the Trese series.

From Clifford (First Look Club):

Joe the Barbarian by Grant Morrison & Sean Murphy 

A twist on the classic quest-type trope in fantasy fiction in the vein of The Neverending Story and His Dark Materials, and is actually one of the least weird stories Grant Morrison (The Invisibles, WE3) has written. Worth a reread for the beautiful art by Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus, Batman: White Knight).

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, illustrated by Bernie Wrightson
It's short, it's a classic, and it was conceived on a rainy summer night. This edition features detailed pen-and-ink illustrations by celebrated horror artist Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing, The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition), and is probably one of the best versions of the book ever published.

Cruel Summer by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips 

One of the best things about Brubaker and Phillips's Criminal stories is you don't have to read the volumes in order. Cruel Summer finally tells the story that's been hinted at in the very first Criminal story arc: how did Teeg Lawless die? If you liked this book, I recommend getting the other three Criminal deluxe hardcovers for the full experience.

From Jean (First Look Club) 

On rainy days, I enjoy curling up with a good novel that I can really get lost in. Grab a good mystery, like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, a modern classic such as Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, or an enthralling fantasy read such as Susanna Clarke's Piranesi. Make some hot chocolate, and you're ready for literary bliss on a rainy day.

From Alexx (Fully Booked)

Sentimental accompanied with occasional bursts of overflowing emotions—these are the types of books I obsess with during the rainy days. For context: dark clouds with a hint of rain are two of my absolute favorite things so I always make sure I don’t squander the season and get hugs from some of my most-adored books.

There is a certain significance and rekindling of memories that comes with familiarity, so I will be rereading Haruki Murakami’s South of the Border, West of the Sun. There is no denying this book—heart wrenching but thoroughly satisfying —hits differently when read during the rainy season (not to mention various scenes have rain. Lots and lots of pouring rain).

Revisiting the classic grandeur The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is on top of my list. There is nothing more soothing than Fitzgerald’s way of storytelling, not to mention the beautifully enigmatic prose stitched together to tell a tragic love story. That, and a cup of hot tea in hand.

Stories that dance around the meaning of life and its adventures are equally enticing to read during a rainpour. Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library and Mitch Albom’s The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto both feel like a snuggle in a fluffy blanket—uplifting and inspiring to somehow, counter that feeling of void and gloominess brought upon by the weather’s dread.

From Ilia (Fully Booked) 

Rainy days feel to me like quiet days—drowning out the hustle and bustle as the environment succumbs to forces of nature. Whether a drizzle or a hard pour, rain makes me feel wistful and nostalgic over days irretrievably lost in the past so I tend to gravitate towards meditative, bordering-on-brooding books such as Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. Reading Kathy H deconstruct her childhood and school days makes me look back at my own. Other similar books are Brooklyn by Colm Toibin and Jennifer Egan’s short story collection, Emerald City.

I’m also currently listening to an audio book of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and I’ll be darned if this story isn’t a rainy day in book form. 

From Hannah (Fully Booked)

I’m a mood reader but I don’t stick to a specific combo. When it’s rainy though, my go-to is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I used to read this at least once a year, when I had all the time in the world. But now, more often than not, life gets in the way of that. Still, whenever the sky gets overcast and the air drops a few degrees, I find myself gravitating to the English countryside for Austen’s unmistakable wit and unmatched kilig. Pair that with the movie score from Joe Wright’s adaptation and I’ve got the perfect rainy day read.

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