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Join the Coolest Book Club for Bookworms: The First Look Club

Join the Coolest Book Club for Bookworms: The First Look Club

We are expanding The First Look Club! Fully Booked is searching for more passionate readers who share the same love for reading and writing to help fellow book lovers discover their next great read to join the coolest club for book lovers.

Here are the mechanics of how you can apply to be part of The First Look Club:

1. The application is open to anyone who is a book lover, willing to read and explore across genres, and is highly interested in writing reviews. Applicants for the First Look Club must be 18 years old and above (yes, students are open to applying).

2. Register through the Google Form. Be sure to fill out all necessary details. No registration, no entry.

3. Pick any book you have read and submit an original written review with a maximum of 100 words on or before August 31, 2022.

4. Our resident bookworms will be reviewing all entries. We will be announcing the ten (10) new First Look Club reviewers this year via Fully Booked socials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the First Look Club?

The First Look Club is a pool of individuals from all walks of life who get access and write reviews of the latest books across various genres. These reviews are posted on the Fully Booked Online blog and are promoted across our socials to help fellow bookworms discover their next great read.

How does the First Look Club work?

We assign a particular book to a reviewer that is oftentimes close to their genre/s of interest. The reviewer is given at least 15 days to finish the book and submit a review to be posted on Fully Booked Online and promoted across our social media platforms. 

How often do reviewers need to be submitted?

The First Look Club is required to submit six (6) reviews in a year for every other month.

What do First Look Club reviewers get? 

Reviewers get twelve (12) free physical Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) or Digital Reading Copies (DRCs) of the titles assigned to them. The First Look Club also gets access to exclusive perks such as opportunities to meet authors and be part of Fully Booked events. We also promote their Bookstagrams and other endeavors through Fully Booked Online and our socials. All approved reviews are also published under their bylines. 

What do First Look Club reviews look like?

The reviews are typically 500-700 words long. Visit the blog to view review samples.

How do I get the free books?

For Advanced Reading Copies, First Look Club reviewers can claim the physical books at their chosen Fully Booked store. For Digital Reading Copies, the e-books are sent via email.

Is there anything else reviewers need to submit?

None. The only requirement for First Look Club is to submit the reviews assigned to them and short biographic information.

For more questions about The First Look Club, you may reach us through the Fully Booked Facebook Page or via Instagram @_fullybooked.

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