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2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge

Need some help building your TBR list? Here are a few prompts to help you read more this year!

⬜   A book with an imaginary country or planet

   A book with a Pantone Classic Blue cover

⬜   A book with an animal in the title

   A book with food on the cover

⬜   A book that takes you back in time

   A book to help you shift your perspective

   A book reviewed by the #FirstLookClub

   A book that will hit the screen in 2020

   A coming-of-age story

   A collection of short stories

   A book on philosophy

   A literary graphic novel

   A book with Philippine historical events

   A book about Filipinos overseas

   A book on Philippine mythology

   A Filipino story book (must be read aloud!)

   A classic brick

   A book with multiple first person narrators

   A book on writing

   A book on someone's life story

Download a copy of the #2020ReadingChallenge here.