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  1. Black Cloud Vol. 1: No Exit (Paperback)

    Jason Latour, Ivan Brandon, Greg Hinkle, Matt Wilson

    Special Price ₱275.00 was ₱550.00
  2. Hero: Happy Hour, Super Deluxe Edition (Paperback)

    Dan Taylor, James Patrick

    Special Price ₱299.50 was ₱599.00
  3. Haunt, Vol. 4 (Paperback)

    Joe Casey, Nathan Fox

    Special Price ₱375.00 was ₱750.00
  4. Black Jack Ketchum (Trade Paperback)

    Brian Schirmer

    Special Price ₱375.00 was ₱750.00
  5. The Astounding Wolf-Man, Vol. 1 (Paperback)

    Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard

    Special Price ₱375.00 was ₱750.00
  6. Imperial (Paperback)

    Steven T. Seagle

    Special Price ₱375.00 was ₱750.00
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