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Special Feature

Fully Booked's What's Your Story

Turn a page, and open up a world.

We asked a few book lovers about their experiences with the titles that matter to them.

What are your favorite books and why do you love them?  

Share your stories with us over on Twitter @_FullyBooked or make your own "Live the Story" graphic below!


Video Documentary

We got together with some book lovers to talk about what they love to read.
Watch and see how people just like you have found themselves in the pages of their
favorite books...and how those books have found a place in their lives.

1. Favorite Books: Part 1 with Duy, Mara, Tinna, Candice and Honey

Part 2 with Miguel, Carissa and Carmi

 2. I Found Myself in a Book with Duy, Tinna and Marien

3. About Characters: Part 1 with Ian, Louisse, Camille and Trish

Part 2 with Duy, Honey, Simon, Tinna and Marien 

4. Romance Titles with Kumi, Tara and Tinna

5. The Harry Potter Experience with Kitkat, Mikka, Macy, Peter and Marien

6. Guys Geek Out with Jaime, Jay and Simon

Show Your Shelf 

Come take a peek into the bookshelves of folks just like you. Read about what they are into,
and learn about what books have helped make them who they are today.

1. Kitkat Pecson, Graphic Designer

2. Toff De Venecia, Writer & Theater Producer

3. Marie JamoraFilmmaker

4. Buji Libarnes, Architect & Surfer

 5. Camille Pilar, Teacher 



 Meme Machine

To help you celebrate your favorite books, we've built a special web app that
generates personalized posters of you with your books.

Make your own poster now!

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